• I have played revised about half a dozen times.  I have only played with the same opponent and mostly played the allies.  We don’t use any bid system but I still can’t seem to be able to come close to winning.  Our last match only lasted five rounds.  His “usual” Axis strategy is a slow steady german build (8-10 inf plus tanks) and 1-2 IC for Japan.  In Europe, I can’t seem to exert enough pressure to stop the German vise and those Japanese factories quickly overwhelm Asia.  I have read some R1 strategies that suggest 2 and sometimes 3 Russian attacks but I don’t know how this can possibly work.  On R1 I have tried hitting WRus with everything that can reach and Germany still ends up taking it back on G1.  My rolling lately has been atrocious which doesn’t help.  This trading units on the front leads to Russia being greatly reduced by the time the Germany wave is reaching East.  Does anyone have any good ideas how I can better counter these Axis moves?

  • Maybe I can help.

    Let’s start with Russia. The two most popular opens and the moves that I alternate between are attacking West Russia and Ukraine, and West Russia only. 3 infantry, 3 tanks is what I buy regardless of which open I use. I would not recommend attacking 3 territories, there’s way too much volatility in the dice to be a consistent first turn move.

    Russia 1
    Buy with 24 - 3 inf, 3 tanks

    3 inf, 1 fig Kar to wr
    3 inf, 1 tank Arch to wr
    3 inf, 1 art, 2 tanks, 1 fig rus to wr
    1 inf, 1 art Cauc to wr
    10 inf, 2 art, 3 tanks, 2 fig vs. 3 inf, 1 art, 1 tank

    Average result, Russia takes it losing two infantry.

    All Eastern inf move west(just my preference)
    both fighters land on Caucuses
    aa gun to West Russia

    Build 3 inf, 1 tank on Caucuses, 2 tanks on Moscow.

    End result is
    ~8 inf, 2 art, 3 tanks on West Russia
    7 inf, 2 tanks, 2 fighters on Caucuses
    4 inf, 2 tanks on Russia
    4 inf on Yakut

    It’s important to note that West Russia has a huge strategic value, all of Russia’s units can meet here on the first turn and it commands the 3 prongs of German advance. Russia has deadzoned Karelia, Belorussia, and Ukraine because without horrible rolls, their units on West Russia and the tanks they built are enough to kill a German stack moved into any of these territories. In the early stages of the game, I view Russia’s primary job to contain Germany by preventing them from advancing past Eastern Europe so stacking West Russia is a must.

    Now your problem was a counterattack of West Russia on the first turn. If Germany was sending all or most of their planes to West Russia, what were they sending to Anglo-Egypt and what did they send to attack the med Battleship? The Allies will be able to exploit Germany skipping either move. If you’d like to avoid the possible German counterattack altogether, try this.

    Russia 1

    Buy with 24 - 3 inf, 3 tanks


    West Russia
    3 inf Kar to wr
    3 inf, 1 tank Arch to wr
    3 inf, 1 art rus to wr
    9 inf, 1 art, 1 tank vs 3 inf, 1 art, 1 tank

    3 inf, 1 art, 1 tank Caucuses to Ukr
    2 tanks, fig rus to ukr
    1 fig kar to ukr
    3 inf, 1 art, 3 tanks, 2 fig vs. 3 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 fig

    Average Results West Russia taken losing 3 inf, Ukraine taken losing 3 inf, 1 art

    Same noncombat, same placement.

    End result:
    ~6 inf, 1 art, 1 tank Wr
    ~3 tanks Ukr
    5 inf, 1 tank, 2 fig Cauc
    4 inf, 2 tanks Rus

    Now the typical result is that Russia has taken West Russia solidly and has ~3 tanks sitting in Ukraine. This move takes out more German offensive units, destroys a German fighter, creates a buffer around Caucuses, and forces a counterattack - Germany cannot pass up such an opportunity to destroy Russian tanks. Actually taking Ukraine may depend on the dice, if Russia rolls really well, and Germany whiffs on defense, it might be better to just retreat and save the tanks. If Russia takes Ukraine, Germany’s got to either commit tanks or divert planes from other attacks - both are uncomfortable decisions for the Axis player. As with the other move, without awful rolls, Russia should still deadzone Ukraine, Karelia, and Belorussia. This is a solid opening that among other things, prevents the counterattack on West Russia.

    What has Germany been attacking first turn apart from West Russia? I think I understand what your opponent has been doing with Japan but I would advocate building transports before buying mainland factories for them. Don’t be alarmed if Japan just rolls through Asia, just try to prevent them from taking territories in force. Specifically, try to deadzone Yakut, Sinkiang, and Persia as long as it doesn’t mean giving Germany some ground. What have the British and Americans been doing in your games?

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