• I recently acquired the Axis & Allies computer game after becoming an addict to the board game. Perhaps this is not the best place to find this kind of help, but im desperate.

    Every time I play the game, after about 5 minutes it starts to really slow down and become quite choppy. It happens on my friend’s comp too. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with the A&A computer game and figured out how to fix it. If specs might help, here they are:

    AMD athlon t-bird processor 1.2 ghz
    Gforce3 ti200
    512 ddr
    Windows XP pro

    So, if you have encountered a similar problem and found a solution, any assistance would be much appreciated. (and yes, I have tried restarting…) Thanks.

  • For me it is fine and I’m using a 366 MHZ Celeron with a 4mb ATI video card and windows 98. Do you have the v1.3.3 patch? It should help increase the speed of the game and it will make the AI less stupid but still easy to beat.

    you can get it at http://www.spring1942.com/Resources/downloads.asp

  • I think the problem may be that I got the game from a friend that i believe may have dl’d the game from somewhere…and gave it to me on a cd-r, as the patch wouldn’t install. Im gonna go to ebay now and buy the game. Thanks for your help man.

  • You’re quite welcome. I hoped I helped you out. My version is also on a cd-r but my friend has the actual cd. I hear that the download version does not have certain thigns such as multiplayer and the basic strategy.

  • Yes, if you download it somewhere it runs very slow after a wile, the same thing happend to me, buy it instead online or somthing, its prety hard to find it in the stores now.

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