World at War v2.1.1 by Sieg found on Triplea - Rules

  • Does anyone know the rules or a link to the rules for this version?

  • @tmtm1 It does not have a rule-book. I’m not a player, but I know everyone just plays it as the TripleA program makes it work beside what is detailed in the game’s notes.

    So, if you want to play it as “people” do, practically, you have to know the TripleA behaviour and make yourself a “mental rulebook” out of it, then collate what is detailed in the World At War notes as if they are “erratas” of this “rulebook” given by the program’s behaviour.

    Obviously, persons also except for the program’s problems (mainly whatever obvious bug), but this may become a highly disputable matter.

    @redrum is currently the owner of the map (unless he is not any longer), so, if you need an “official” ruling whenever you and your opponent are in disagreement, I guess you may make a question in the official map’s thread at the TripleA forum and hope for an answer (just like you would ask any map-maker how his or her game is supposed to work).

  • @cernel Thanks!

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