• After reading through many threads I notice the passion that this community has for this game. I myself have been playing this game since its release back in 1986 and all its versions. Has there been a thread where we get together and discuss what mechanics should be in this online game ?(Axis and Allies online 1942) I know there have been other versions that have had better mechanics in certain aspects of the game such as transport loading and unloading. I know many of us have ideas on how to improve the online version of the game so I believe we need to start a thread that hashes out what can work and what kind of conviences should be in the game.

    I see that Beamdog has been in the disscussions so I know there is an attempt to use fan feedback to improve the game. Has there been a discussion within the community on what the majority of us agree on should be in the game as a staple? And has Beamdog talked about the complexity of the programming? Sometimes all the little details that we do in the board game version that can seem easy can be very difficult to code in a digital version.

    So what are we going to agree on as far as mechanics and life convienences that we can help usher in that will help the developer make this a better game that the Veterans as well as a new recruits can enjoy for years. Because if we can iron out the kinks to the 1942 version then the other versions of the game can be a reality. I love this game and I can tell that most of you love it too. I can tell from the passion in the threads. So if there is a disscussion thread already about how to help the devs someone send me the link. If there isnt one yet them lets start one.

    Big issues?

    Transport loading unloading
    Arrows of movement
    How hard is a true dice randomizer really?
    Speed of game?
    Player choices for level of detail per country. (Music, history, visuals, )

    Lets discuss

  • Hey not sure if you are already in it, but the player Discord has a lot of these types of talks. https://discord.gg/VDpST7

  • @Tahweh thank you will try to get in there.

  • @Sgt-Mclusky As someone who has played A&A games for more than 20 years - and also plays this game - there are 4 big things that need work:

    -Transport loading/unloading: The way in which this works in the game is honestly really awful. Not only is the action of doing It very clunky, but checking to see if all the units actually got loaded and unloaded is awkward as well.
    -Arrows: arrows pointing to a territory where your units aren’t actually going.
    -SBR: how you can tell weather you are doing an SBR or attacking a territory is needlessly difficult.
    -Dice: WAY too many wild outlier outcomes. I see three or four 0.5% or lower outcomes in a single game way too often. I rolled 20 dice at 3 yesterday and got zero hits, rolled 12 dice at a 3 and got zero hits, and rolled 3 AA shots and hit 3 1s all in the same game yesterday. Those 3 events should happen in the same game once in 20 lifetimes.

    The simplest solution to all this is to add an edit function, so changes can somehow be made. It’s a decent game, but #1 and #4 are pretty big issues. Appreciate the post.

  • @ArtilleryAficianado I never understood why it is so hard to have an actualy Rng Dice system. Its been that way for years. The orginal Axis and allies made by Hasbro had a desent transport loading by you are correct the system for loading and unloading is convuluted. I also noticed there are no special technologies or the ability to land planes on Ally’s carrier. (Strange) I just find it strange that a move mechanic has caused so much trouble over the years. The game is pretty stable and it recovers well so that is a positive. Since you have been playing as long as I have you know this type of game could have been much worse. Its a good start. But I I agree completely about the RNG dice roll. I just never understood.

  • '22

    Perceptions on biased or non-independent dice are due to a host of human perception biases rather than any issue with calculation. A pseudo RNG library is available in every major programming language. People love to complain about how the dice are “not fair” but never back it up with an empirical statistical test or propose an alternate hypothesis in number generation that differs from a [1,2,3,4,5,6] uniform and independent event space.

    The main way to solve user complains would be to implement Low Luck or implement a non-independent number generation. League of Legends implements that latter on critical hit chances where each non-critical attack increases the likelihood that the next attack is critical. Both of these would reduce the variance of the dice distributions.

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