How many of you prefer a game where you can develop weapons?

  • to be honest, I do not like the idea of the techs…

    some techs are extremely good, and others are not…

    but what I dislike the most?
    you are subject to a die roll…
    you can throw 5 dice and still not throw a “1”
    you can throw 1 die and throw a “1”
    so, it’s a pull at the lever of a Jack the bandit (jackpot)

    the change is too heavy and the impact can be devastating if someone develops a specific tech…
    (USA goes for heavy bomber,…)

  • In Classic I DESPISE tech for 1 simple reason… HEAVY BOMBERS that do 3d6.

    In Revised… honestly have yet to play a game that includes Tech or NA’s

  • I don’t know why we ban techs in the Revised games. If you want to play roulette, you should be able to do so; overall it’s quite inefficient. Sure you’ll be kicking ass that one game where you roll rockets in one buy with Germany, but how about those other 5 games where you don’t? 5 IPCs of no units. Or if you roll 2 die, you can start 3 games with rockets and 10 IPCs down, and 7 games with 10 IPCs down and nothing to show for it.

  • I guess the problem with that is that each Axis and Allies game should be considered independantly, not overall encompassment of a player’s carreer. But I do like the risk element of technology in an Axis and Allies game.

  • the main trouble with techno is that it favors the usa so much, but i guess it is a trade off, if they buy heavy into tech then their trannie flow is lighter, but i do like the fact that it makes each game different, i just wish they were better balanced (just like everyone else) so you really had to decide which one to go for.  i also like the concept of an investment approach where you put money aside over time that way even russia might be tempted to put like 1-2 bucks aside each round for a payoff later in the game

  • The way I take the dice roll is that it takes time to devlop a new wepon.  You put money into research, and sometimes it pays off.  I never do it, unless the game is already won, mainly because i don’t need them to make my strats work.  So if we are using them, fine and if not, well it just dosen’t matter much.

  • I think techs make the game fun and add another element.  Some games we go the whole game and no one buys any because troops are absolutely necessary and then another game someone like America will be feeling froggy and buys heavy bombers and hits them first/second turn of the game.  Last night after I blew into Germany with Russia I had 108 dollars so I bought a ton of fighters and rolled 30 bucks of jet fighter defense and didn’t hit it at all, so I think the gamble is fun sometimes.

  • Heavy bombers are a must for me with Britain.  My dad does them with the US when I play him.  We crush anyone who doesn’t research them when we play the Axis.  The game doesn’t work without them.  Step your game up a notch and you’ll see (unless you play tournament rules).  I have seen so many people gasp and tell me I’m a machine when I systymatically industrial bomb.  Yep, I’m a machine; that’s why I won, I tell them.

  • hey bobby c, try playing once without tech and see if you have to adjust your strats, thats what we do in our group to avoid repetition, change things up and keep it interesting.  also if you HAVE to have a specific tech to be successful with  certain countries that would tend to make you very one demensional in your strats wouldn’t it?.  uk can be a powerhouse without heavy bombers if played right, we often see their income in the 40’s in our games.  do you feel that the axis have an unfair advantage in the game without tech rolls and that is why the designers have techs that are better for uk and usa? just curious and glad to see you on the boards.

  • It’s a pitty to see that Bobbychicken is indeed a machine in his strategies (you use this word yourself)…

    your dad and you can as well play the game solo, while you both do nothing to surprise your opponent with strats…

    I love playing without techs because with heavy bombers in the game, the dice is rolled (allia iacta est - latin).
    If USA has them? Allies win the game, so simple as that! so, no fun in accomplishing something everyone knows to be the outcome!

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