• I have recently located to Hamilton from Northern Alberta.  I don’t have space to host, while I do own all A&A versions from Original 2nd Edition to Global, 1st Edition.  I have played formal board war games for over 40 years, although life and location have limited my opportunities.  I have no difficulty playing with any age or experience level; most of the last group I played with in Grande Prairie, Alberta were younger than my adult children, and they regularly gave me a lesson. As a retired teacher I would be willing to teach the game to new players; I taught the game at my school. I’m looking for fun and relaxation and am available at any time: normal awake hours - although lately, my naps seem to occur any time in the day! :-).

  • I’m in the Hammer a few times a month, a good buddy lives in the north end & I am a long time member of the Canadian Warplane Hertiage Museum. I’m moving to Waterloo Nov. 1 & am looking to get some games in over the winter. Waterloo is only 35 minutes away  😄 playing Global 1940 is what I’m all about. send me a message if yer interested

  • I sent a personal e-mail.  Did you get it?  I would be interested in getting together.  Global 40 is fine.

  • Hi guys,

    I’ve been playing axis and allies since 1984….I live in Grimsby and would like some new players to play against from time to time.

    I have a great new war room for all to enjoy.  If interested email me at pleaurichard@gmail.com

  • '17 '15

    I live in Brantford. Open to Global 1940 games. PM me. Thanks

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