Who was the best military strategist of the leaders of WWII?

  • During WWII, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt all would on occasion direct military operations. Who do you think was the best leader in terms of military strategy?

  • these people didn’t make strategy and when they did, they only screwed it up.

    hans guderian was the best commander.

  • I’d go with Churchill-as i feel he essentially messed stuff up the least for his generals ;).

    Hitler was the most active probably, followed by Stalin.

    I would have selected Truman had he been on there.

    Roosevelt can’t win, because he failed tyo see the need for buildup because Pearl.

    Don’t really know enough about the Emperor to judge whether he was involved much, and whether he was effectively involved.

  • HFW, it was Hienz Guderian not Hanz. and Patton could beat him anyday

  • @marine36:

    HFW, it was Hienz Guderian not Hanz. and Patton could beat him anyday

    its been a while. sorry

  • @marine36:

    HFW, it was Hienz Guderian not Hanz

    keeps grinning
    So, HFW … no need to be sorry at all 🙂

  • None of the leaders of wolrd war 2 were good stratigests best left to the generals.

    Also Rommel was the best!
    Patton was the best american general.

    The best lead from the frontline.

    “All right, we start the war from here”

  • Cant you even put the Emperor of Japan’s name? He wasnt some faceless idol, he was a person, who happened to be named Hirohito (no surname was given). Also, i would not put him as the domestic leader of Japan. Tojo would probably have been a better choice.
    Anyway, I voted Churchill, since he didnt screw anything up. Everyone else only made things worse.

  • Yes, Tojo was the leader of Japan’s military, but Hirohito was the Emperor. Also, none of those leaders are good strategists…Things often got screwed up when they intervened, ESPECIALLY with Hitler. For best Generals/Marshals though, I would have to go with Rommel, Zhukov, or Guderian. I like Guderian because he used to get in fights with Hitler all the time. He actually stood up to him at the table.

  • Churchill definetly, he is the only one that REALLY was a strategist! :-?

  • Cant you even put the Emperor of Japan’s name?

    Sorry, I had a mental block and couldn’t remember. I figured everyone would know who I meant.

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