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  • I was playing the online version of Spring 1942 as the Allies and I got off to a pretty good start with the Soviets, I invaded Belorussia and West Russia with a formidable force and eventually pushed two giant Russian forces into Ukraine and Eastern Europe and, from what I thought, threatened Germany, I prepared my invasion of Germany by sending 4 British transports, 1 British Cruiser, and 1 British Battleship, 3 United States transports, and 1 Cruiser to perform bombardments and finally, countless amounts of Inf, Art, Armour, and fighters in Ukraine and East Europe. My plan was to first invade Germany with United Kingdom and weaken the Germany army in Germany, do the same with the United States and do the finishing blow with the Soviets… It didn’t work, their high stacks of Inf  (I believe the highest amount was 30 German Inf.) destroyed my Soviet force which equaled and succeeded their force… Is there an easier way to take out Germany? Thanks.  🙂

  • It seems like from your two posts (I assume they are similar games if not the same), you are running into the same issues.

    I get the feeling you are going all in against Germany.  The Percentages may exist, but Germany is best taken down in either 42 with the transport train.  You may get lucky, and think that’s the norm with your all out attack, but you have to wear down Germany.

    You mentioned in the other posts that Germany had 60IPCs.  What did Japan have?  You have to have the US/UK nitpick at the German defenses and production.  Africa is helpful, but you have to slow down the German advance into Russia.  Pick a route, but you need to ensure you leave yourself options without falling for easy bait (don’t land troops somewhere just so they can get obliterated). 
    You are trying to open holes in the German defense so Russia can enlarge it.  Don’t get greedy with land grabs until you know you have the forces to back them up.  If you have a large stack and are going to take 3 territories, you better be able to hold on to those and be able to launch a successful attack the following round.  Sometimes you need to accept that two or maybe just the one is what you need.

    This isn’t probably what you are looking for….but Merry Christmas!

  • Nope that is very helpful 🙂 thanks and Merry Christmas!

  • That’s how I always beat Germany, getting grunts on the the ground secure karelia acouple turns have to get immediate navy to bring grunts to karelia then u can defend with tons of grunts,  fighters are money " because they defend at 4 …. with Uk, Usa, n Russia all them 4 's add up big time when the big rolls go down …then you have good attack capability don’t waste your tanks…good luck on your 2’s…(rolling defends).

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