Capture the U.S?

  • I’m gonna be playing tomorrow, and the guy that’s gonna be playing U.S. is seriously lipping off. I think it would be hilarious if myself and Japan could take the U. S. within the first 6 turns. I’m planing on taking out all allied ships in the first turn (with luck) except for the British transport in India and the U.S. ships. Also, take africa in the first few turns with troops, blah blah blah, and stay defensive against Russia till I know I can hit them hard and hold Karelia. I want Japan to take out the U.S. Pacific Fleet A.S.A.P. I build a a carrier, 2 fighters, and 2 transports my first few turns. My new fleet and any remaining ships that I started with head to the U.S., along with the carrier with 2 fighters and some transports with infantry. The Japan player goes with the general Russian attack, except for he takes a little edge off of it and sends his remaining fleet and some new transports at the U.S. from the Pacific. Now, this will take about 5-6 turns, I think.

    Now, this will be about the 3rd time we’ve played this game, so don’t yell at me if this plan sounds ludicrous. It’s an attempt. Thanks for the input!

  • What the h___, give it a try. If you wound Russia bad enough in the first turn or two, go defensive, and keep the English from building ships, you might just pull it off. It will definitely throw your Allied players off…

  • Go for it!

  • Alrighty, I’ll give it a shot. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

  • Well, I didn’t get the chance to try it out. Russia hit me really hard over in the Ukraine and got really lucky with his dice rolling. Then the frigging U.S. got long range aircraft, and heavy bombers. Once they station their heavy bombers in England and strategicly bomb you every turn, and your AA gun doesn’t shoot anything down, it’s Japan against the Allies! Next weekend, though……

  • Sounds like your friend is spending a lot of dough on research. This will backfire on him in a big way. He will not get heavy bombers or long range aircraft all the time, not even most of the time. Before trying to take USA, use his weakness against him by conquering Africa. Fight USSR meanwhile and let USA make their dice rolls. You might get enough money to start rolling for your own research!

    It sucks when someone wins after talking so much trash, but it happens. Study what he does and fight back next time. Also, tell him it’s easy to talk big as USA; safe behind their vast seas and prodigious economy. Make your friend play USSR or Germany next time–may shut him up!


  • It sucks to lose in such a fashion, but it always feels so good to win like that. Just as long as you went down fighting making it hard for the Allies, that is what counts.

  • try playing with russia restricted and No new tech. Thay way your plan might have a slightly bigger chance of success-

  • Ig you tired of lucky dice rolls on new techs, you could always try a system of progressive technologies

  • Even if the US doesn’t get the tech rolls, you will still have to deal with Russian aggression. You’ll have to fight them one or two turns using the Ukraine as the turnover point so you can build up to keep the Russians out of Eastern Europe in Turn 3. Once you can stalemate the Russians, you can go ahead with your plans to hit the US…

  • As far as Russia goes, I believe I took Moscow around turn 6. I learned something very important that game. If you don’t have an Airforce or Navy as Germany, you’re screwed unless you managed to take and control Africa. After I took Moscow and the rest of Russia, (and India and China while I was at it!), BRITAIN had managed to land so many guys in Spain it wasn’t funny. I was making 62 IPCs a turn not including Japan, but U.S.'s heavy bombers positioned in England Strategically bombed them all away every turn. I didn’t think so until now, but is it important for Germany to have a strong presence in the air or sea throughout the game?

  • Of course Germany should have a strong airforce with some naval presence in the Mediterranean. A strong airforce of 4-5 planes will delay actions to land forces into North Africa and Western Europe and force the Allies to build a large Navy to defend those actions.

  • Well personnaly I think this was a great basic strategy… Everybody seems to use the same strategies all the time… always attacking russians… by doing… unexpected strategies, you break old habbits other players had and you strike them where they didn’t expect you to (well in your case you had only played 3 times, but still)… the best example would be in A&A Europe: when you look at the map, the first thing that comes in your mind is:’‘Germans will take Moscow’’ so allies get all their forces to defend russia, but if the German decide to strike USA… you will tell me that no one is crazy enough to attempt taking USA, but who on earth would think of heavily defending USA??? just don’t play as people expect you to… if you always play against the same peoples, don’t let the enemy know your moves before the game begins…

  • To try to take the USA in AAE is a good thing for the allies because it means that they will have to defend little. They can see you coming. Taking britain, on the other hand is not usually as hard. They will find nothing unusual if you continue to sink all their ships and you could be building transports “to take that russian city on the baltic”, One of the reasons germany usually goes for russia is that they have to spend a significant portion of their income there already. Also, britain cannot make british other allied units. (as the russians can.)

  • well I don’t really know if it’s a good strategy or not as I only played once the A&AE, but the main mean of the message was to tell that sometimes it’s better to find a back door instead of trying to rush in…

  • Like japan against russia in normal A&A.
    Or Germany against anyone but russia.

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