A&A Android/iPhone APP Specs

  • If anybody has the know-how to make android/iPhone apps and wants to make a good AA app; I had an idea for one that I would pay $5 or so for.

    AA takes up a lot of space on the table without all the charts and dice areas you need. It would be cool if a droid or iphone could keep track of all this information to save on table space. Here is what I envision the interface looking like:

    Tab 1: IPC Counter
    -Keeps track of all nations IPCs in the bank (no writing this down)
    -Keeps track of national production for each power (no more national production chart)
    -Has a place to input how many IPCs a player spends during a turn and then removes those from the database

    Tab 2: Battle Tools
    -Has build in dice that you can use as an alternative to rolling actual dice. (No more boxes to roll dice in or dropping dice on the board)
    -Has a battle calculation tool that you input defending and attacking units and it tells you the odds (this should be able to be turned off because some people might not like a computer calculating odds) and then an “attack” button. It “rolls dice” for each unit and tells what units hit. Each player gets to choose their casualties before the next round begins. This would save having to move the pieces to the battle strip.

    Tab 3: Technology
    -Has a place with “check boxes” to keep track of which powers have which technologies. (No more tech chart)

    Tab 4: Misc. (Optional)
    -Game save files: A map of the game that you can click a territory and it will allow you to set the ownership and input what units are stationed there. Also a place to select which powers turn it is and how many IPCs each power has in the bank.
    -Rule Book: A table of contents that you can click a subject and it will take you to that area of the rulebook.

    Maybe somebody could set it up so they get $5 for each app purchased and AA.org gets $1. That way each purchase could support the website.

  • I was searching through the Andriod market  the otherday and noticed that there are a few A&A helper apps. They appear to track IPCs, and can even track buys, who controlls what, and even display odds based on troop types/numbers. While I’m not an expert programmer, it appears that the biggest reason triplea can’t work on the andriod platform is because troplea uses  Java SWING libs. Not sure how to convert the UI into  an Andriod compatable one but it may be interesting if they could look into it for version 1.6


  • Customizer

    you are correct

    our UI uses Swing,

    and to be Android / iStuff compatible, someone would need to redo our UI in a different library that is specially made for those platforms.

    our code is open source, anyone is welcome to do this

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