What? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDBCCPpUEEs&playnext=1&videos=mtH8QD-I2b8…

  • I can see the point the author was trying to make.

    I would give the author more creedence if he applied that logic to Nagasaki instead; based on:

    In Asia, Russia declared war on Japan on 8 Aug 1945, catching the Japanese by surprise, launching Operation August Storm that speedily captured Manchuria from Japan. The declaration of war on Japan by Russia was among the key factors for Japan’s surrender on 14 Aug 1945.

    Also, the 2nd bomb was scheduled for August 11 against Kokura, but the raid was moved earlier by two days to avoid a five day period of bad weather forecast to begin on August 10.

    By the time they reached Kokura, a 70% cloud cover had obscured the city, prohibiting the visual attack required by orders. After three runs over the city, and with fuel running low because a transfer pump on a reserve tank had failed before take-off, they headed for their secondary target, Nagasaki.

    Overall, with Russia waiting to join the fight against Japan until we had bombed Hiroshima, I could see the 2nd bombing being moved up as a sign of intimidation th Russia as a ‘back off, we aren’t splitting Asia like we just did in Europe.’

  • a few days after i saw this i saw an article in the news about how it was used to intimidate Russia from creating communist puppet governments in the region

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