Does anyone have any tactics/advice for AAE?

  • i got a used copy of the game (no instructions) i think i have everything figured out except the convoys. i also would apprechiate some tactics for the countries.
    thanks alot:)

  • Germany can take undefended convoys by moving into or through them, but to take a convoy with enemy units in it you must eliminate them (just like tanks on land); then the appropriate Allied player is moved down on the NP chart. Germany does not get income from taken convoys (imagine trying to salvage sunken cargo in the middle of a war).

    I haven’t played in a while, but as russia I like to put large masses of infantry on or as close to the front as possible with tanks one space behind them for offensives or counter-attacks. I build lots of infantry and wait untill Germany has worn it’s self out rammining it’s head against them, then I simply put my overwelming numerical superiority to good use and take the Germans out (or at least weaken them up a good deal). German stratagys are very often complex and very raley will the same one work twice; be flexible, that’s about all I can tell you about Germany.

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  • I’ve sent you a aae rules document i’ve found some day on internet in your e mail :

  • i usually concentrate the russian infantry in BeloRussia and Ukraine and perform small counter attacks with tanks in Scandinavia, Africa and the Balkans. I send english and american planes and infantry to Russia to help out while i prepare for an invasion of Germany or to attack Germany’s tanks when weakly defended by infantry.

  • My AAE strat for germans.

    Turn 1 - 2 Bombers, then all infantry. Strat bomb Russia, destroy british navy. Move all troops forward toward Russia except those in Netherlands, France and NItaly toward russia.
    Turn 2 - 2 Bombers, then all Infantry, Move

    • Will finish later, gota go now

  • here’s my strategy.germany should attack the way europe stinks!!! no offense just my thoughts.

  • lol, wonderful stratagy campbell 😄

  • A fun strategy for Germany, pull all your tanks off the Eastern Front, build a navy, and attack England or the US, either from Germany or Africa respectively. Russia can’t overpower Germany if they keep INf on the border, and once the convoys are gone, England has little more then what they can scrape from the bottom of their pubs.

  • I have played twice now, being Germany both times. I buy a sub w/ the bonus $. I move as many subs to destroy US navy as possible (some going through convoys). I use the rest to attack UK’s eastern navy (and a couple of fighters to take out the destroyer below). My Italian fleet rids UK of Gibraltor. Then I stab as much as I can at the Ukraine. Once combat for my 1st is done, I have Ukraine and control the seas; US cannot place ships; Uk’s other ships are helplessly outnumbered; the remaining convoys are easy pickings. I then non-combat all land troops as close to Russia as possible. I ignore Africa & the ME. The game is basically over. Even saying Germany needs 2 capitals is pointless because Russia will be gone by round 5.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    We thought that a carrier and 2 fighters added to the US fleet might help, but haven’t had time to see if that relieves Russia of enough pressure.

  • Sorry, forgot to finish my strategy. After this, Buy 10 tanks on turn 4, keep strat bombing Russia. So you don’t lose bombers, use your fighters on the attack. keep pushing in, on turn 5 attack anything in Belorussia. Turn 6, attack Moscow. On average, just from the Strat bombing, you will get 12-16 IPCs cut off from the Russians per turn.

  • plith7, the rules for naval placement have changed in AAE, if the us places naval units they can now fight instead of simply being destroyed, make a german blockade a very expensive venture.

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