Amphibious Assault Sub Block

  • I have a question that I wanted to check on to be sure.  UK has a destroyer and a sub in z6, while Germany has a transport in z5 and various planes, but no other naval units, and Germany decides to try to invade Great Britain.

    Now, a sub by itself would not block the transport from invading Britain, and the planes would be able to take out the destroyer by itself in a sea battle before the amphibious invasion, but it would be true that if a sea battle was started between the planes and the destroyer in z6 as a precursor to the amphibious assault on Great Britain, the sub could stay in combat by not submerging and wouldn’t be able to hit the planes nor be hit by them, correct?  So when the planes sink the destroyer and it’s only planes and the sub in battle, they can’t hit each other, so that means the sub would sink the transport, since there are no other available targets, correct?

    This seems like a tricky way of doing it, but I don’t see any reason from the rules that it wouldn’t work, so I wanted to ask here to see what you all think (and if it comes to it, what Krieghund rules).

  • Your interpretation is correct. Since the planes can’t hit the submarine it will remain in battle and any defending hits will have to be assigned to the transport.

  • Not that TripleA is flawless or anything, but I just replicated the situation on TripleA and it works just like you described - the planes killed the destroyer and the sub killed the transport.  Interesting thought to keep in my bag of tricks…… :evil:

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