I think the rules here are quite clear. but first, some clarifications: attacking transports are never considered defenseless (since they can always chose to retreat). Defenseless transports is only a rule to make the end of the battle faster. If I have 1 attacking sub, and the defender have 10 TTs, it will take a while to roll all those hits. There is no point in forcing me to roll those hits, since the only possible outcome of the battle is 1 sub left and 10 dead TTs. You have to clear the sea zone of units before you can land (P17 Pacific) the sea battle isn’t over. if a ship or plane rolls a hit, and there is no attacking Surface ships or planes to take the hit, it has to be assigned to transport-ships. The correct continuation of the battle will have the following elements. a. Anzak can chose to press the attack. They will then roll their fighter which will miss. Then the defender will roll their sub, which will kill a transport on b. This will continue until either anzak retreats or the sub submerges. c. if japan chose to submerge while anzak has TTs left, anzak can land d. if anzak stays until they have lost their TTs, Japan can submerge to end the battle.