Hello all I’m looking for any place there are going to be axis and allies tournaments in 2017.

Finally posting after lurking for almost a decade now.  Hi everyone.

There’s going to be a Revised (2004 Edition) tournament at the WBC tournament this year (It’s an annual boardgaming/wargaming tournament/convention.  They typically play Avalon Hill and GMT games.).

The tournament is going to be from Friday, July 21 (Preliminaries) until Saturday, July 22 (Semifinals/Finals).  The convention itself is continuing for the rest of the week (July 22-30).
The format uses a unique ruleset to make the game playable in a limited amount of time.  I can post the rules if you’re interested.

Link(s) to Event Website:
boardgamers.org (Can’t actually post links but you get the idea.  A search of “World Boardgaming Championships” will take you to the page as well)

GM (Tournament Organizer.  He can answer any questions better than I can probably) : Craig Yope (NOT ME)
I don’t know the rules for sending email addresses out, so I’d have to PM it to anyone who’s interested.

I’m going to be making a thread for this event as well, as I don’t see one anywhere on here.