Camo fest (ambush & more) also a Crewed Hummel

  • Cromwell: A “simple” part of the order, this was not to get extreme wear and weathering, or minute detail. But it looks so good “fresh” this is really one of the tanks that should not be made battle-weary - at least not in this color scheme. It does have a bit of rust and grunge, and I did better than simple on the details like road rubber and such. Its one nice (semi) clean-machine.
    Tiger I: Ordered in “dark panzer grey” to have a more sinister look. This tank could not be overly weathered or damaged, cause that tends to lighten a tanks coloration, especially a tank of darker color. Highlights were left to a minimum to preserve dark shade. Crew wear was added. Wherever the crew would climb in and out is painted in worn, semi-rusy bare metal. Exhaust and whole rear end is heavily blackened from both smoke and grease, with a bit of rust. Wheels were left uninked. If I had made the wheels more natural, with the darker rust and mud stains, it would make the upper half of the tank look a shide lighter by comparison. Crosses, white divisional markings, and kill marks add enough white for more contrast. I really tried to create a few illusions to make the tank appear darker than it is.
    Hummel: Originally just a “touch-up” with crew added, this tank ended up a full load of 2-part ammo, which the crew are just finishing loading into the open doors at the rear. Heavy wear from 2 front crewman getting in and out is added. Floors show excessive wear.
    Maultier: Converted from an SD251, this is reshaped on every hull surface except the sides. Front is extended, but the dip in the fender was left as is. Maultier had a full-length, flat, fender that extended from the tracks up over the front wheel. Headlights were also not added. BUT the launcher got some extra detail, and the entire back half of the vehicle shows the smoky results of countless rockets leaving it covered in a spray of burning rocket fumes. Also, the crew had to climb all over these thinsg to load them, so the rear deck is worn down to the metal.
    Shermans: Two identical camo patterns. Neither heavily weathered, one has marine stars, the other has standard army stars.
    Mustang: Dont know what to say. Just found the nicest reference pic I could find, and copied it. Added rockets under the wings.

  • Nice work! The Hummel is outstanding.

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