Looking for turn based computer games

  • Freeverse just released Solace:


    PC and Mac downloads are available. Plays a lot like Axis & Allies, also supports network and play-by-email games.


  • @F_alk:

    Anyone of you tried a game called something like !1914 - the Great War"?
    Sounded interesting, and i can remember a very old game that covered that topic… anyone here knows the new one and can tell something about it?

    Yes know it, played it, not bad, but not great either… much like Battle Isle just in a WWI setting…

    Why dont you people mention Combat mission I - II GREAT games!!! 🙂
    there are also:

    Third Reich, Colonization, Imperialism to name a few more 🙂

    But Star Wars Rebellion is NOT a turn based game…

  • I guess a good general rule for turn based strategy games: look wether it’s from SSI or not. THey probably produced some of the best turn based games ever (PG, a lot for the good ole C= 64, and a game about the battle in the Ardennes which was very close to a board game, and very nice to play. Gotta look wether i still have that somewhere).

  • And how could we forget…

    The ultimate CIV game… Master of Magic 😄
    SimTex knew what they were doing then…

  • Mr_Mischief - My god, someone out there remembers Conflict - Middle East, that game was bad arse! You could try the diplomatic route to make friends with everyone as you started as Israel, or you could just start waging war and building your nuke program. You could buy weapons from the Russians, French or the US, oh man that game was great.

    What about Age of Empires, I have lost alot of sleep over that game carrying out of a few years. And not really what we are talking about here but it popped in my head and thought I would see how many people remember door games on BBS, in particuler Legand of the Red Dragon and VGA Planets…oh the days…

  • AoE is not really turn based, is it? At least AOE2 isn’t…
    VGA Planets… oh yeah… that were the days…

  • Yeah, AoE isn’t really turn based, at my current state of mind that just sort of slipped out, guess I was just too happy to see I turned into a regular finally on here 😄 Go Me!

  • @F_alk:

    AoE is not really turn based, is it? At least AOE2 isn’t…
    VGA Planets… oh yeah… that were the days…

    Ohhh yes VGA Planets… and what about good ol’ STARS! and of couse there were the Battle Isle series…

  • There are also Europa Univeralis II (but you cant play Denmark 😢 )

    But a ok game non the less 🙂

  • you like TBS games eh…


    check this guy out. he built Civ2 in a different format but same game play.

    it’s called cevo. when you get to the website above click on the second link down to get the newest version(which this guy keeps on building bigger and better) the playout is rett cool for TB and it also can be built on so whenever you go to this ebsite programmers constantly(it seems like )build upgrades for this 😄 … plenty of military strategy goverment planning rescource build up and goes from 10,000 B.C. to 3000 A.D. 😉

  • beun, since when is it not possible to play Denmark in EU2 ?
    I don’t see why you could be allowed to play …say the Cree… or Sweden (both i played), but not Denmark…
    Maybe: You have to left-click one of the flags in the scenario menue, and then scroll until you see denmark… or did you try that already?

    BTW: EU2 rocks, it’s much more than “ok”, but close to “the game i always wanted” … at least for me

  • I know it’s not exactly turned based, but with the pause button, I would have to say Hearts of Iron. Great game once they fixed all the bugs inside of it.

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