• Hello Everyone I am italiansarecoming

    Accidentally posted by forum for finding players. That doesnt really interest me.

    The overall aim is to find 3-5 players who would love to meet together every week and play a game where we can pick a version play a round or two then meet the next week and just continue playing online. I have yet to play online and have one game under my belt for TRIPLEAAA in which I played against myself which was a hoot.

    Personally I dont care what version it is and what nation I am even if it is my first time playing the version or country for that version.
    I enjoy the game I love the strategy and I WOULD LOVE TO LOSE. everyone I play with I win too much (not bragging they suck)
    I’d love to mix teams around having a discord were we chat split off into two teams and flame each other until one team wins.

    So if anyone is interested in such a thing. make a post saying your interested. Or even better if someone has what I am looking for and wants to invite me to join even better.
    This is Welcome to everyone who can download TRIPLEAAA.

    Notes: I speak only English, And live currently in the CST time zone. So preferably NA players unless we set something up during the weekend or every other weekend or EU people who enjoy staying up late.

  • Hey,
    I am always down to play.  My Triple A name is Bossss.   I am also working on creating a Discord group so everyone can keep in touch, message for games and even chat during games.  I can email you the link if you want.  Feel free to email me at nahder@yahoo.com as well for games.

  • Count me in. Can’t be sure what schedule I can commit to though. But I am looking to find players for Triplea!

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