1998 CD-ROM A&A 2nd Edition rules

  • Hi Folks!

    I’m new to this forum and have a good friend whom I play against when we hook up at each other’s homes.

    I always use the Allies because my buddy likes the “fun” of using the Axis.  I never lose playing the Allies however because of a couple of sound strategies that take the luck out of A&A. (unless Germany goes hell-bent for Karelia and manages to keep it for a turn with enough to beat off a counter-attack from Russia in next turn).

    My take on the allies is this…build an Indian factory to stall the Japanese and keep the Japs trying to get rid of this factory rather than going straight after Russia…  More importantly…the US can decide the game by leaving the Pacific alone and throwing everything they have into getting troops into Africa/Norway and even France to help take pressure off the Russians, deny the Germans the free 11 IPC’s in Africa ASAP and allow the UK to also send land units to the continent via Norway.

    To even the game up I always give the Axis “super subs and fighters” plus not allow Russia to attack for 1st turn.  Even then…unless I get unlucky with early dice rolls the sheer weight of US IPC’s allows me to wipe out Germany at which point Japan is toast.  I suppose I COULD limit the Russians from attacking the 1st TWO turns but don’t want to give up TOO much as the Allies from the beginning?  Any other suggestions as to how the Axis can win?

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