I like to get into the big games (so far at 1800 points each, heavy on the armour and 700 when infantry heavy).  I love the look of 3 D boards and build my own from styrofoam. When you get that big, you need umpires who are really into the rules and who can keep the game on task.  Each player really can’t effectively fight more that 15 pieces and fewer is better unless there are all the same model.  Otherwise knowing their special abilities is tough to keep up with.  I have seen all sorts of games lost by those who have not employed the abilities properly. With multiple players have the teams send up their players in some sort of order and have a designated die roller.  It keeps it faster.  Also, no thinking when its your turn to move or assault.  All that needs to be done ahead of time. Have fun!  Where are you, can we join in? Let me know how 40K people take to this.  I’ve a club on my campus (Trent U. in Peterborough Ontario)that I’m unsure of how to break into with this game.