A few A&A North Africa Pieces

  • I have a few North Africa pieces, but I decided I wanted to just collect War at Sea pieces for now.  Everything will be sold/traded together.  Here is what I have;

    01/60 Australian Officer
    09/60 ZIS-5 3 Ton
    10/60 2-Pounder Antitank Gun
    12/60 Bren Machine Gunner
    20/60 37mm Gun M3
    21/60 MG 42 Machine-Gun Team
    31/60 7.5cm lelG18
    35/60 Messerschmitt Me 110
    36/60 Opel Blitz 3 Ton
    37/60 Panzer IV Ausf. E
    48/60 Wehrmacht Veteran Infantrymen
    50/60 47/32 Antitank Gun
    51/60 Autoblinda AB41

    All of this comes to $29.88 on Troll and Toad so I will probably sell it for $20 plus whatever I spend on shipping/handling (cheapest shipping service I can find unless you specify otherwise).  I will also trade it for 2 unopened boosters of any type as long as it is War at Sea.  Finally, I will trade it all for open WaS pieces totaling $25 or more according to Troll and Toad prices.  I will of course pay for my own shipping if we trade.

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