Hello, new guy to the board.
Recently taught a friends son and he is hooked. Before that, haven’t played in 30 years. In my destroyed game box, i even found my original 5 slips of paper, one per country, for random team assignments.

Onto my thread: I also played d&d so i had 8 and 10 sides dice. I remember coming up with new developments, and if you rolled a six, you roll an eight or 10 sided die to see what you got.

I think 7 was armed transports, and while still can be used as cannon fodder, on a roll of one they score a hit.

the eighth was radar, which means anti-aircraft can hit planes on a roll of a one or two.

9 might have been larger aircraft carriers, that can hold three Fighters instead of two.

Don’t recall the rest

While i never got to try any of these, because I had a hard time finding anyone that would play the game in the first place, I just remember being excited about the game and letting my creative writing Juices Flow about a game I love

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