Have 36 Rare tanks and vehicles and 2 dont have cards. All the ones under a card are the rares. have cards for all the planes. All infantry in bags and all have cards along with the common and uncommon vehicles. Infantry numbers: 25 Japan, 35 American, 35 British and allies, 55 Germans, 32 Russian, 13 Italy, 6 Chinese, 3 Romains, 10 polish, 14 French from all of sets that have been made! Sorry some picture bit burly but can still make out what they are.
There are 3 thumbnails that hopefully you can see
Would like $450 but will take reasonable offers and of course plus shipping.20220401_1936https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/assets/uploads/files/1648858349509-20220401_194602-resized.jpg19.jpg 20220401_194602.jpg 20220401_193552.jpg