The European Expansion game starts off with each side getting 12 IPCs to place anywhere they have units. What sorts of strategies are there for placing builds?

  1. British Sub in Celtic Sea. This pretty much guarantees that Britain will be able to recover the 5 IPC convoy zone.
  2. Russian artillery in Belorussia and/or Ukraine. The object is to attack the
    German stack in the Baltic States effectively. By holding Leningrad a
    little bit longer, American and British planes can land in Leningrad
    and be turned into Soviet air. With a large air force, Russia can keep
    counter attacking for longer.
  3. Lots of troops in the Middle East. The Middle East is normally the hardest
    for the Allies to reinforce. Using the 12 IPCs to reinforce the Middle
    East can be very powerful.

As the Germans, I like starting with an artillery in Rumania and an extra
transport in the Med. This enables me to thoroughly swamp Malta. By
killing the British fighter there I make my Mediterranean fleet more
secure. With the extra transport, it is a lot easier for the Germans to
attack with clearly superior strength.

The first game of A&A Europe I played, Germany got his whole African army killed in Libya by a British amphibious attack.