Larry Harris, creator of Axis & Allies, and Thomas Gale have teamed up to release a new wargame called War Room. The game has been in development for over 4 years and the Kickstarter, to fund the game, is scheduled for October 30, 2017.

War Room is a WWII themed game played on a round, 42 inch diameter map with over 1000 components. Units are gathered together in a concept called “command stacks.” The game is comprised of 7 phases, a few of which are done in secret and executed simultaneously:

  • Phase 1: Direct National Economy – Tally up your resources.
  • Phase 2: Strategic Planning – Discuss plans with your allies and write secret movement orders for your nation’s commands. Bid OIL for turn order.
  • Phase 3: Movement Operations – Carry out your written movement orders, by moving command stacks across the map.
  • Phase 4: Combat Operations – Choose battle “stances” per unit type. Resolve conflicts on the Battle Status Board with an air battle and then a surface battle (land or sea). Use custom d12s to determine hits. Repair is possible for survivors.
  • Phase 5: Refit & Deploy – Land active planes. Reorganize command stacks. Deploy newly constructed units.
  • Phase 6: Morale & Stress – Cancel Stress with Medals or Civilian Goods. The Nation(s) with the most Stress move(s) up the Homeland Status Wheel and suffers increasingly harsh penalties. Stress also depletes resources for all.
  • Phase 7: Production – Secretly and simultaneously manufacture new units with your earned resources. Units cost different combinations of resources. Optionally trade resources with Neutrals. Units under construction are prone to strategic bombing.

For the latest version of the check out the most recent Bulletin War Room Newsletter.

For more information visit the Nightingale Games War Room website or sign up for the War Room newsletter for more information about the game and the Kickstarter campaign.

Update (Oct. 30, 2017): War Room Kickstarter is live.