At Gen Con 2016 we collected the results from most of the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition and Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition tournament games. Hopefully this will help planning your next tournament match.

The data set here is relatively small but we hope to continue collecting data at future tournaments (but we won’t be at Gen Con in 2017). If you would like to submit your tournament results for data collection, please use this Axis & Allies Tournament Results Form.

If you would like to view the data belowa in a spreadsheet, click here to view the Google Sheet.

Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition

The most revealing data is for A&A 1942 Second Edition. Only one game was one as the Allies with a bid less than 22. It just so happens that the 20 bid game was mine and if I recall correctly, the dice were average to above-average for that game. I was also playing against experienced tournament players, so inexperience is not a factor here.

Conclusion, if you want a fighting chance at winning with the Allies in an Axis & Allies 1942 SE tournament game, you need at least 22 to have a chance.

However, for Gon Con 2017, there is a set up change. The delta in units is 21. However because the new setup is predetermined these units may not be in the “right place.” I would still give the bid to the Allies in the range of 9-12.

Game Round Bid Bid To Winner Turns Win Condition
AA42se Quarter 20 Allies Allies 5 9 Victory Cities
AA42se Semi Allies Allies
AA42se 1 22 Allies Allies 2 Concession
AA42se Final 23 Allies Allies 7 Victory Cities
AA42se 2 20 Allies Axis 5 8 Victory Cities
AA42se Quarter 20 Allies Axis 3 8 Victory Cities
AA42se 2 20 Allies Axis 4 Victory Cities
AA42se 1 18 Allies Axis 6 8 Victory Cities
AA42se 1 15 Allies Axis 4 10 Victory Cities
AA42se 1 16 Allies Axis 4 Concession
AA42se 1 17 Allies Axis 4 7 Victory Cities
AA42se Semi 21 Allies Axis 6 7 Victory Cities

Axis & Allies (50th) Anniversary Edition

It appears that in the tournament format, Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition is a little more balanced. Of the data collected 5 victories were Axis and 6 were Allies. The bids were low compared to 1942 SE, right around 5 or 6. One takeaway is that the bid must go to the Axis. If somehow there is a zero bid or the bid goes tot he Allies, the Allies will win. Another interesting observation is that 5 vs. 6 makes a big difference.

Game Round Bid Bid To Winner Turns Win Condition
AA50 Final 6 Axis Axis 5 Concession
AA50 2 5 Allies Axis 6 Economic
AA50 6 Axis Axis
AA50 Quarter 6 Axis Axis 3 Concession
AA50 1 5 Axis Axis 3 Concession
AA50 Semi 5 Axis Allies 6 Concession
AA50 Semi 5 Axis Allies 4 Concession
AA50 5 Axis Allies 6 Victory Cities
AA50 1 7 Allies Allies 5 10 Victory Cities
AA50 1 0 None Allies 9 12 Victory Cities
AA50 1 5 Allies Allies 6 10 Victory Cities