With Britain, there are many ways to reinforce Russia. Deciding what to do is very dependent on the German first turn.

One British infantry should be placed in Egypt with cash advance, all othe IPC’s to Russia.

The Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe are in range of EVERY British naval unit on the first turn, plus, subs can take 10 IPCs of convoy money on the way to the ships.
Even the Eastern Mediterranean fleet cand be destroyed by placing a fighter on Crete, but this is risky, and British ships in the Celtic Sea and Davis Strait have a much better chance of surviving, because the fighter from Northern Italy couldn’t attack the English Channel.

The two likely things to happen are:

  1. Annihilation of the British Atlantic Navy, and the destroyer at Gibraltar.
  2. The taking of most, if not all of the convoys, and the elimintaion of the
    North Sea Fleet, With much of the Luftwaffe engaged against Russia.

Note: 90% of the time, the Maltese fighter will be destroyed. If it isn’t, it should be used in African land battles, very rarely should it be used in naval combat if
there are german land units in Africa.

If the first scenario happens, planes should be sent to Leningrad, while America cleans the seas, and Britain stacks up enough to take Scandinavia. Once Scandinavia is
taken, British tanks can attack the German forces around Leningrad, and be later converted to Russian tanks if need be. The Americans must protect and retake convoys first, and when that is done, go after France, and divert Germans from the Eastern Front.

In the Second Scenario, it is quite realistic for the Russians to go on the ofeensive earlier than normal. British Transports with tanks on board should ceaselessly sail
to Archangel, on the Murmansk run, and having them be converted to Russian Tanks. Leningrad is not as important as in scenario 1, because Strategic bombing is not as big of an Allied goal. It will be tougher for the Americans to take convoys back, but the British navy will have no serious trouble escorting their transports nothward. Russian tanks should be concentrated in Moscow for Counterattacks against the South
of Russia, the north is secured by the British after turn 3. The British player should convince the Russian player to buy one tank each turn. Even if the British only get one tank to Russia a turn, it will be a great help.