The Alliance that won the Second World War was probably the most successful in history. Considering all the problems they had, internal and external, they achieved all there aims and did it with a economy of effort that defies ready compression. To understand such a alliance it is necessary that we look at each of the three nations.

The Union of the Soviet Socialistic Republics

The Soviet Union is the most important country in Axis and Allies. Bar None. If the Soviet Union falls, than the Allies fall. The Soviet Union is grossly under represented in this game. A economy lower than Japan, give me a break. But for the sake of game balance, this is the way it is. The Soviets entire roll in this game is to hold out. As simple as that. They of course need help to do it. The United Kingdom and the United States must send aid to there ally. For the US this comes in the form of Infantry and for the UK its fighters. The longer the Soviets hold out, the greater the chance Germany will die. Zhoukv must hold the Eastern European front. Do or do not. There is no try. If you must give Stalingrad to Palpus, then let it be. You can do it with a smile knowing that reinforcements are coming form Leningrad. Make sure you set it up so Germans are dying in masse in your dead zones. Use those T-34s wisely, you don’t have many. Make sure the Germans die at Kursk, Prokhorovka all over again. and you will be fine. Use your infantry for offense and your allies infantry for defense. Hold out, make the best of the situation and deplete German infantry when ever possible. Let your allies take care of the rest. As a side note, I have had the Soviet Union take Berlin many times. They hold Warsaw, your allies make the sacrifice in Germany and you roll on into the capitol. Let communism rain in Europe, just like history. And be sure to clear the Scandinavian Highway.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom survived Germany alone, she can survive her with allies. Unfortunately, it is not enough for the United Kingdom to survive. The British, who are about to start losing there empire, are force into helping there allies so they can have the glory. Ironically, it’s primary the Japanese the British are forced to fight. Aid to the Soviet Union is necessary, but your offensives come from India. The First Turn Factory is built to delay the Japanese. All this has many by-products. The Americans and the Soviets are allowed to concentrate on Germany, keeps Britons income up and keeps Japan’s income down. These are all good things, for the Allies that is. Keep pumping out those Supermarine Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes. The Soviets need them for Karelian defense and you need them for Indian defense. Crank out those Shermans for India, hold off the Japanese for as long a you can. Britain, as in the real war, is the middle man. What I mean by that is that your efforts allow your allies to survive, but as they turn the corner to victory, you can be forgot about. Ah well, such is war. And don’t forget to build that British Aircraft Carrier to help out your American allies.

The United States of America

The US has the greatest economy in the world. Now they have to use it. You must of course apply a Germany first strategy. The reasons are simple, Germany has the most vualrable fronts in the war. The “Shuck-Shuck” strategy is mandatory. Move to kill and kill fast. Of course you must use your attacking pieces to your full advantage. Your Pacific Fleet(what’s left of it) should head through the Panama Canal. Thats a extra transport and battleship. Your planes have to land on the British Aircraft Carrier and your Bomber in London. Now you have free mobility for your USAAF. Start pumping infantry to Africa and Finland/Norway. Once the Soviets have sufficient infantry, take a crack and Western Europe. Germany must die quickly for the Soviets to survive. Use your income wisely, never buying more infantry than you can transport. Pay minimal attention to the West Coast, producing just enough to hold it. Pay no attention to the Pacific, the Japanese can have it if they really want it. Take out Germany and then go after Japan. And DO NOT waste your money on technology, as you don’t need it. Heh,heh. And be sure to thank Canada for allowing your troops to go on there territories

To what the AMERICANS lost in MATERIALS, the BRITISH lost in TIME, and the RUSSIANS lost in BLOOD.

Thats it folks, I hope you enjoyed.