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Saturday, Larry Harris announced the next Axis & Allies game will be 1914 World War I. Earlier today, Larry Harris, creator of the Axis & Allies games, revealed a few more details about the new Axis & Allies 1914 World War I game. He revealed the units included in the game, the number of powers, the approximate release date and more.

Axis & Allies 1914 will be released in March or April of 2013. Larry also revealed that the game will include 8 major powers with individual infantry sculpts for each and the game will be slightly less complex than Axis & Allies 1942. The map will be about the size of Europe 1940 spanning from Calcutta to New York and Norway to South Africa.

Read the complete Axis & Allies 1914 Q&A on Harris Game Design. For your convenience, I’ve reformatted and reproduced the Q&A below.

Q. What units are included?

A. Infantry, artillery, tanks, fighters, submarines, battleships, cruisers, transports.

Q. D6 or D12?

A. D6, but lots of them

Q. I suspect the usual suspects in the game: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottomans, Russians, UK, France, Italy, USA

A. Yes, and many minor powers

Q. Map size?

A. I think it’s the same size as Europe 40

Q. Are the sculpts all the same except infantry, or you got two sets of sculpts one for allies and one for central powers?

A. Each major power (eight of them) have their own infantry sculpts. Other sculpts are either allied or Central Power’s artillery, tanks or fight aircraft… and of course the naval lineup.

Q. Special rules for Russian Revolution and American entry?

A. There are special Russian Revolution rules, as well as special American entry rules.

Q. Convoy zones?

A. Not exactly… but there is an unrestricted submarine warfare moment during the Collect Income phase.

Q. Tech tree with at least 12 choices?

A. No tech tree…

Q. Will it be to AA42, AA41 or AA40 scale and complexity?

A. If I understand this question correctly I’d say it’s just left (meaning easier than) of AA42.

Q. How many players will it be for and how many nations will be playable?

A. This can be a 2 or 8 player game or any number in between.

Q. How will the Western Front be simulated in the game?

A. I don’t want to get too deep into this. I will say, that there is only one round of combat dice rolling per turn per battle. The game, IMHO, feels very Western Front as you play it. It’s very cool and interesting how this system works and plays out. I like how it feels.

Q. And since this starts in 1914, I wonder how the nations that opted to stay neutral in the beginning will be played.

A. Many minor powers are neutral initially, including the US, which if not attacked by the Central Powers will enter the war on turn 4.

Q. I also wonder what the nation colors will be. Particularly Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

A. I think you will like the colors. Some of them are your standard colors and others are brand new. Germany will be grey.

Q. What’s the release date?

March or April 2013

Q. The Map, will it be fully global or 2/3 global covering from Eastern US into the Middle East or maybe India. Will Anzac and India be represented as UK units entering the war through Egypt, or will there be a commonwealth unit? Will the map stretch to E US (US needs transports etc.), or will American units just enter through England, or embattled territories in Western Europe.

A. The map will range from Calcutta to NYC and from the top of Norway to South Africa

Q. Having Turkey (Ottoman Empire) as one of the Central powers and not neutral is going to be very different, looking forward to that.

A. Yeah.. it’s a fun power to manage, but then again… they all are! Of course, as usual, its’ hard to resist the desire to play an aggressive Germany!


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  1. Juno says:

    “only one round of combat dice rolling per turn per battle” Stalemate in the trenches? Can inf stacks be replenished faster then the combat losses? Is this the meat grinder Larry’s talking about?

  2. z0m4d says:

    No new units? Less complex than Axis & Allies 1942? I’m suddenly a lot less interested, but will withhold judgment until I see the reviews and screenshots.

  3. David Jensen says:

    It has to be less complex, it’s an earlier and different war. And Larry only said a little less complex.

    What new units would you expect? Ineffective cavalry?

    I would reserve final judgement until the game is released.

  4. z0m4d says:

    @David Jensen

    Actually, yes. Larry specifically precluded cavalry, zeppelins, machine guns, and chemical weapons in the previous article. A&A 1914 didn’t have to be less complex. More complexity satisfies the fan base, but risks alienating new gamers. I only hope he incorporated trench warfare into it in a novel and exciting way, otherwise it’s just back to the original A&A with a different map.

    I did state my intent to withhold final judgment, but that doesn’t mean my expectations haven’t dropped.

  5. Juno says:

    Hoping AA1914 has light,medium and heavy arty as options. Arty was king of the battlefield in WW1. Light attacks/defends at d2, medium at d3 and heavy at d4 rolls.

  6. Darren Taylor says:

    As a long time A & A player, I will find it difficult to get used to the one round of dice per battle format. Whenever that system was implemented in other A & A games, I never realy liked it. It like attacking and then rolling dice until someone is either dead or cries uncle. But I will admit it will bring across the “meat grinder” feel of WW1.
    I’m just not sure how may actualy subs exsisted during that era. And I always pictued a WW1 A & A game to be more on the same scale as Battle Cry; that Civil War game that just got rereleased not too long ago.
    But like all other new games that Larry puts out, I’ll wait and see if it appeals to the gamer in me as well as my wallet. Some of these games have been getting very expensive. I still never bought 2nd ed 1940. They were just too pricey. Besides, I was able to cobble togther enough info so that the only thing I’m missing are the new pieces sculpts.

  7. z0m4d says:


    I’m guessing WWI version will be about resupply and attrition. Btw, 1940 2nd ed has some very minor rules and set-up changes, too. You can probably get that info without purchasing the new games, though.

  8. Darren Taylor says:

    I downloaded the new rulebooks and got the new setups from this website so I’m pretty much all set for the 2nd ed 1940 games.
    About the WW1 game, I wonder if the fighter sculpts will be little bi-planes. That’ll be so cool. And the naval unit sculpts ought to be interesting. But the potential for eights players seems like a lot on one board. There wouldn’t be enough room for every one to sit around it. They might have to combine a few nations and pare it down to maybe five or six. Maybe since Russia ducks out later because of the revolution, maybe have the USA player play them since they don’t come in until late.
    I’m just saying, I got in on a seven player Global game once and it was very chaotic until it calmed down a little later and everyone sort of fell into a groove with each other. Still, it took us 2 1/2 hours to get through one round on average.

  9. z0m4d says:

    I held off getting Europe & Pacific 1940 until the 2nd edition came out. Just got lucky on the timing, I guess. It’s totally awesome, pretty much every wish and desire over the years in a single game. It’s also now on TripleA, so I can perfect my strategy away from the board.

    Little bi-planes would be awesome in WWI. I almost always prefer to play 1-on-1, though. Most players are too slow or inexperienced to make it worth my time. Oops, did that sound arrogant?

  10. bi66i says:

    Since 95% of WWI was in Europe it feels a bit disappointing that they chose to include a 2/3 world map at the expense of a more detailed European map. Can’t really see that a 2/3 global map makes it possible to replay the Schliessen plan or Serbian-AustroHungarian conflict. Let down.

  11. Matt Ferrantino says:

    I am under the impression (it could be a false one) that pretty much every Axis-&-Allies game that includes Germany kind of tacitly tries to tempt someone into trying out the Schliessen Plan.

    Isn’t that, and D-Day, kind of the heart and soul of World War Gaming?

    Mind you, I might sound like a humongous noob to any very experienced A&A Veterans. Freely Admit none of my games ever actually finished, with the longest ones getting only as far as 1 turn of American development post-entry before the Axis Powers quit. Definitely need to find a group to -really- play with and change that.

    But, my (very limited) experience says that German Tanks and American Battleships are Why People Play Axis and Allies. Because it’s fun to be Godzilla. 😛

  12. Hubertis Malvenus says:

    I’ve decided not to comment at this time.

  13. Juno says:

    MSRP of $99, seems kind of high considering you can buy 1940 Global for the same cost.

  14. Juno says:

    Release Date March 19

  15. Juno says:

    Pre-order $64.99

  16. Darren Taylor says:

    My birthday’s on the 18th so happy birthday to me. I don’t care about a party or a stupid cake or any dumb balloons. I just want me a copy of A & A 1914 and some buddies to play it with. I figure if everyone splits the cost between them, it’ll only set them back like $15-$20 a person.
    I found a really nice photo of the board and pieces. Momma-mia! that’s a lot of infantry and not much else. I do find it interesting that the board is kind of cock-eyed. Meaning that it stretches from corner to corner instead of side to side. That’ll take some gettng used to.

  17. Major says:

    I can’t wait for this game to come out and play it with my buddies. I’ve always wanted to have a WW1 version of the game,me being a ww1 fanatic. I wished we could see some new units like cavalry and machine guns though. Overall,I want to play this and looking forward to it when it’s realesed.

  18. Matt says:

    I wish it wasnt diagonal and a lot less cramped but i guess thats how ww1 went and i was wonderin how much it costs and if they’ll be makin a second edition.

  19. david says:

    can you place units in captured capitals?

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