My friends and I have played A&A Europe about 25 times with only a single German victory. Most games were over pretty quickly, in about two or three hours. So, of course, we tinkered….

So far the best solution has been taking the old Japanese pieces and designating them to be Italians. The old aa guns are now artillery, and the Japanese battleships are Italian destroyers. Italy is not allowed to build battleships.

Italy gets the Italian pennensula and the otherwise German African colonies. While there are no German ground troops in Africa, we did leave the German navy as is and allowed the Italians a single transport at the start of the game

Italy’s turn comes between Russia and Britain. Germany has complete control of the distribution of any oil money conquered. Also there is an “Italian patriotic war” which allows Italy to assume any German material on the land or in their port.

Finally, we increased the value of the German homeland to 16 ipc.

All this, and germany still lost. (He should have won but he got careless).