Remixed: Homemade Gift Wrap by Steve Snodgrass

The holidays are here and we have some great suggestions for gifts for Axis & Allies fans.

Featured Board Games

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition, Amazon, $80.29

Probably the biggest new in Axis & Allies has been the release of Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition. Don’t miss out on this amazing version of Axis & Allies.

War Room by Larry Harris, Kickstarter, starting at $149

This game won’t be ready until December 2018 but this should be a great addition to the game closet for any fan of Axis & Allies.

Amerika, Historical Board Gaming, $99

This is an alternate history game where the United States must defend her shores against invading forces. There are also several expansions for the game.

Mare Nostrum Empires, Amazon, $54.50

Looking for a great strategy and war game that takes place during the time of the ancient Romans, Greeks, Carthaginians, etc.? Mare Nostrum is a great game to fill that need.

Game Accessories

WW1 Combat Dice by FMGI Will Never Grow Up, $7.95

These themed dice are a great addition to Axis & Allies 1914 or any other WWI game that uses 6-sided dice.

Litko Game Accessories, Amazon, various prices

Litko makes a several fun add-ons that can be used with Axis & Allies board games and miniature games. Here’s a few:

Or just browse all of the Litko products on Amazon

Battle Bucks, Historical Board Gaming, $7.95

Paper money is a great alternative to record keeping via pen and paper. These battle buck come in two-sided WWI and one-sided WWII variants.

Industrial Production ChipsI Will Never Grow Up, $54.95

These casino grade poker chips are the perfect replacement for paper money (or worse; a notepad) in Axis and Allies and other strategy style games.

Each piece is a Casino quality, 10 gram, 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch Ceramic poker chip!

Customizable T-Shirts

We have had a t-shirt store for years but did you know that all the shirts are fully customizable? Go to the Axis & Zazzle store and start building your own t-shirts with our designs.

More Board Games

Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition, Amazon, $52.98

This is the current standard Axis & Allies game. Despite the misprints, this is likely the best edition ever produced since the original.

Axis & Allies 1914, Amazon, $67.86

The World War I version of Axis & Allies maintains the spirit of Axis & Allies while adding a uniqueness that matches the trench warfare of WWI.

Axis & Allies Europe 1940 Second Edition, Amazon, $70.00

Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 Second Edition, Amazon, $67.65

Vintage Board Games

Looking for something a little unique and more difficult to find. Check out these out of print board games.

Conquest of the Empire, Amazon,  $75 – $139

This game about ancient Rome was part of the original Milton Bradley Game Master series. It was re-released by Eagle Games several years later but you might be able to find a game master edition.

Fortress America, eBay

This is another original MB Game Master game. In this game, the the future USA is under siege from ambiguous foreign powers. It was later re-released by Fantasy Flight but now all versions are out of print.

Broadsides & Boarding Parties, eBay

This pirate themed game was also one of the MB Game Master series games.