I got this one from the history books. The only way it’s different is that the Japanese are successful. They just couldnt implement their strategy to its fullest.


Some people look at China in the beginning and laugh at how worthless it is and how it would be a nice addition to the Japanese empire. So, they begin mobilization into China, they plan to take szechwan’s complex and then bomb the hell out india then move in. They figure out too late how ineffective this strategy is when the chinese player has to do nothin to ensure that it wont fall. There’s too many infantry. It costs too much to take it. Its too far away and too much money to take it, with Japan you can ill afford to lose what you have and spend what you get on a nation that has a capital(that brings 1 ipc in) too far away. You stand a better chance attacking america head on. Do what the Japanese did. Go south. Want india? Take it head on. Here’s the list of what you should do first turn:(not in this order b/c some naval units are in the way)

  • Sumatra(3) – 1 battleship(sz 45) 2 infantry(indo-china)
  • Java(4) – 2 infanty(Palau) 3 fighters( 1 mariana, 2 formosa)
  • Borneo(3) – 4 infantry(shantung)
  • Malaya(4) – 4 fighter(1 manchuria, 1 japan, 2 sz45) 1 tank 1 bomber (indo-china) 2 infantry(hainan)
  • Hong Kong(2) – 6 infantry(japan)
  • Philippines(3) – 2 battleships(sz 26,36) 4 infantry 2 fighters(caroline is.)
  • Celebes(1) – 2 infantry(ryuku is.)
  • Dutch New Guinea(1) – 1 infantry(Bonin is.) (I think the infantry in bonin needs to be transported by destroyer).

So now these islands and states are your new income, 21 ipcs. The reason its possible is because all allies on turn 1 have a defense roll of 1 except China. The only real fear you should now have is the USA. Those 6 fighters are there for a reason. But not all at Hawaii. Attack the Hawaiian fleet in sz 9 with 1 fighter(sz 20) 2 subs(1 sz 20, 1 sz18). That defense roll of 1 is the reason why so little is needed. Now use the 5 other fighters and attack the navy in sz 5, the remainder of the northern pacific fleet. You’ll have to move the carriers to sz 7 in order to land the fighters. Now the US can’t mobilize as easily. The only problem with this attack is that you are in range of a US counter-attack. The loss of some of the fighters in a counter attack isn’t too big a deal because of your new found wealth and that the US now has so little. Mobilize the remaining troops, in Shantung, Manchuria and Korea to the Southwest towards India. To make sure that Siam or Indo-China are not going to be lost next turn you must move the 2 artillery to Siam. The British will not risk so much on so little. First turn, buy a transport and 2 tanks. Next turn you can mobilize into India using transports and tanks, just keep pushing until you capture India. Use naval power and capture those convoys that produce IPCs. This sets the Americans equal to you in some aspects and it drains the British even more. the British can’t afford to fight, the Chinese won’t make a difference if they attack, and the Americans will be too late. Annoy the US navy with any subs or fighters from sz 20. If you fear that the Americans are too close and you have enough in India, purchase all infantry for the next 2 turns. 26 infantry make a great difference vs US fighters. The US will have no choice into attacking Japan or going into India. If they head towards India, it will be too late. Leave some units scattered so they will have a nice long time getting there. When you take India there will be no Indians to counter and China cannot get there. You did what Japan couldn’t do. Congrats!

*Note* The Australians will bring in 11 a turn, which is not much to stop you. Attack Australia (optional) to gain more IPCs. Plus it’ll be even harder to push into your defenses. By this i mean: the USA could purchase 5 bombers 1st turn, 2nd turn, fly them to Australia, 3rd turn bomb your navy and help liberate those dinky isles. I tried to figure out a way to land troops 1st turn into australia SUCCESSFULLY. W. Australia was the ideal spot, but nothing can get there 1st turn. It is possible to attack Northern Territory but you risk a lot. 2nd turn you could hit the beaches of Australia. Use CAPs and your subs to stall the Americans. Also, wipe out their marines that are randomly placed in the north because they’re perfect to land an air force there. That sums everything up. Americans can’t move, India is drained, Chinese troops aren’t reliable to help the Indians, they’d rather help themselves, and Australia is not big enough to make a difference. After the first turn you’ll have lots of money. Buy fighters and tanks and push into india. Buy infantry if America gets too close for comfort.