If you are unfamiliar with TripleA, it is software and game engine that allows us to play many different area movement war games, including Axis & Allies type games. It is a fantastic tool that allows us to play games against opponents either live or via email or forums. It’s useful for planning out new strategies and trying out new ideas. It powers many of the league games and tournaments that we have here on Axis & Allies.org. All of this and it is free open source software. Hundreds of hours have gone into this project to give us a means to play Axis & Allies and build our skills between face-to-face games. Please consider helping support this project with a small, or large donation.

If you are a member of the Axis & Allies Forums and you make a contribution to TripleA, you will also receive a special badge on your Axis & Allies forums profile. See this post for more details.

Please visit the TripleA forums for more details on the donation drive. For your convenience I have reproduced the details below.

Welcome to first Donation Drive for TripleA engine development in two or three years.

I have held off on any kind of donation drive for TripleA because I wanted to have something to show for all the effort. People have been expecting, ever since the first 1940 game was released, that we would support it. Now, that day has finally come, and I feel myself and the other devs can feel proud to have made it happen.

The donation will be primarily done by PayPal, but if you do not have PayPal let me know and we can accept other ways like a check or direct deposit, etc.

These funds will go towards the following:

  • Time spent already on developing the Engine
    • TripleA is no longer just about A&A. I have spent hundreds of hours making TripleA a general game engine that allows far more customized maps.
    • TripleA now plays all three 1940 maps.
  • Future work and development on the Engine
    • Continue to improve support for 1940 maps until they are perfect.
    • Support future A&A maps.
    • Continue to make TripleA able to support any kind of game we want to play.
    • Get TripleA to play Risk! and other boardgames.
  • Time spent on Promoting and Advertising of TripleA
    • We are now on Desura and also on CNET among many other websites.
    • I will apply for us to be on Steam and/or Origin.
    • I maintain all these website accounts and keep their copies updated.

To give some idea of the amount of work that has happened since TripleA was released 2 years ago, consider the following:

  • I have for more than 2 years maintained the TripleA Maps repository of all known maps and games, as well as art and all other material related to TripleA. This repository allows people to easily download any map they want.
  • Having joined the development team in 2009, I was the main developer and only developer for about a year while ComradeKev and Sean quit after In total I have been developing TripleA’s engine for about 2 years.
  • Since was released, there have been over 800 code commits to the engine. Approximately half of all changes in the changelog have occurred after was released.
  • For the past year, I have spent, on average, around 20-30 hours per week, sometimes more, working on the TripleA engine (and that is just me, we have 2-3 other devs too). In addition, I have created many of the maps in the download list.

How to Donate:
To donate, just click on the link below to donate via PayPal.

Any person who donates will get a special “gear” symbol by their name in Sourceforge, IF they have registered a SourceForge account before donating. You do not have to register first, you can donate anonymously (most people donate anonymously).

Many thanks,

We will be supporting the TripleA efforts with a donation. If you use TripleA, then please consider making a donation too.

Discuss this in the forums.