The Field Marshal Gaming Convention, now in its 5th year, is an annual celebration of tabletop gaming held in Oshawa, Ontario every September, providing its guests a great opportunity to get away and enjoy their favorite, and many new games, face to face with other gaming enthusiasts including many from right here on the Axis and forums!

This is a family friendly event that is meant to create a weekend of fun and gaming with friends, old and new held in a historic and atmospheric building.

The convention is an annual celebration of tabletop gaming held in Oshawa, Ontario every September. This weekend long event is host to tabletop games of all kinds, from your traditional (and not-so traditional) board games, card and dice games, to tabletop miniatures games; complete with a very healthy dose of  a number of versions of Axis and Allies being played on numerous tables.

FMGCon is a smaller, casual gaming event meant to create a weekend of fun and gaming with friends both old and new, held in a historic and atmospheric building.  Classic family games, euro games, “ameritrash”, war games, miniatures, card games and dice games; play it all!  With an average attendance of 60-70 gamers per day (in previous years) you can be sure to find a game available or someone else who is looking to play.

The convention provides a public, free to use, games library of well over 100 games (sponsored by a number of gaming companies) available to use throughout the entire event.  In addition to the open gaming tables, many special events are scheduled including a “Midnight Munchkin Madness” event complete with prizes, several  miniatures tables, door prizes and a Play-and-Win selection of games.

Located right next door to the convention is the Ontario Regiment Military Museum, home to a large number of WW2 pieces, most notably their collection of working Tanks!

Speaking of working Tanks .. yes the Live WW2 Tank Demonstration is back again!  Saturday at 11am and 1pm, head outside to view these beasts in action!

Come for a day, or come for the entire weekend – in either case, come for the fun of tabletop gaming!

Date: September 12-13, 2015
Location: RCAF 420Wing, 1000 Stevenson Road North, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Twitter: (#FMGCon2015)

Single Day and Family Day Passes available at the door

Play and Win Games
Open Gaming with access to our Games Library
Midnight Munchkin Madness (4th annual, prize event)
15 total Participation Demonstration Games including Axis and Allies, Kings of War, Bolt Action, Sails of Glory .. and so many more!
2 Vendors
Bring and Buy
BBQ Lunch

Check out for the newest details, sign up for Tournaments and Demonstrations, and to purchase your Guest Passes