If you are an avid Axis & Allies Miniatures player than you already know the great news that the Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures game was released to Stores on March 16, 2007. Since then Avalon Hill has published two articles: Tactica Aquatica to help with your War at Sea tactics and War at Sea: Guadacanal Campaign Pt. 1 the first scenario for the new game.

After purchasing a starter and several boosters I had the oportunity to play a couple of games. It is truly a great game with many levels of strategy and planning involved. At first I was a little worried that this game would lack strategy and simply be a game of lining up your ships and shooting it out. This game is far far more strategic that it’s Star Wars counterpart. The rules for aircraft have been fixed to make aircraft viable to use and possible to defeat at the same time. The quality of the pieces are about what you would expect from Avalon Hill and Wizards of the Coast, which I personally think is great. I don’t have time to paint my own miniatures and the battleship minis are great in this game.

I plan to do a more robust review in the future but for now check out these articles at Avalon Hill: