It looks like we are in for some more excitement from the world of Axis & Allies Miniatures. Recently a full page ad for a new A&A Minis expansion was found in an Avalon Hill catalog included with the new Rocketville game. The new expansion appears to be a miniatures game, separate from the existing game, that focuses on naval battles. It will have it’s own starter and boosters.

War at Sea 

 The above image was borrowed from a post from the Avalon Hill message boards. This image is difficult to read but it looks like it says the following:


Assemble a fleet of the finest vessels ever to do battle on, under, or above the sea.


Challenge your friends to fast, head-to-head, tactical combat.


  • 11 collectible miniatures
  • 12 island cards
  • Rulebook
  • Full-color game stat cards
  • 8 six-sided dice
  • Quick start rules
  • Damage counters

Miniatures are prepainted, fully assembled, and made of durable plastic.

Randomized miniatures include: 1 rare, 2 uncommon, 8 common

Watch the horizon for the new Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures game

Two Player Starter

War at Sea Booster