Avalon Hill has finally released a preview of Axis & Allies Miniatures War at Sea, the new naval miniatures game to be released on March 26, 2007. We will get some previews of the game before the release but the rulebook will not be released until March 5. This week's preview at Avalon Hill gives a glimpse of the USS Enterprise, Bismarck, USS Iowa, and HMAS Canberra. Click through to read my commentary on this new game. Also you may discuss in the forums.

Commentary.  Although I think this game will be fun from the standpoint of high quality collectible naval ships, will Avalon Hill get it right? I'm a little worried about this game, especially since the rule book won't be released until just before the game is out. My concern is that the game will simply be … line up you boats and fire. This is almost exactly what the Star Wars Starship Battles game is about. Part of the intrigue of WWII naval battles was about who had the information, reconnaissance, and who didn't, (heh, kinda like Battleship). Is this going to be reproduced in the game, or will it just be a shoot 'em up? Hard to tell without the rules. Discuss in the forums.