Avalon Hill is in full gear promoting the upcoming Axis & Allies Miniatures North Africa 1940 – 1943 expansion set. First was the announcement that a new set of maps will be published for the North Africa set. The map guide will include 3 North Africa themed double side maps complete with 2 scenarios. Next, Avalon Hill published an FAQ for the North Africa set to clarify some rules and special abilites in the new set. Subsequently, Opening Salvo Part 1 featured the Italian aircraft, Macchi C.202 Folgore, and the German artillery vehicle, Wespe. Finally, this week, Opening Salvo Pt. 2 previews the British tank, Grant I, and the American truck, CCKW 352. The truck allows the transport of two soldiers, including 1 artillery unit and also has high gear. The cost is only 4 points so you can say goodbye to your trusty jeep.