For today’s preview of Axis & Allies Guadalcanal, you
will learn more about the marker and counter pieces that come with the game. The markers included are as follows: 2 island cards, 10 Japanese supply tokens, 10 US supply tokens, 1 first player marker, 2 point counters, 9 airtstrip markers, 6 doubled-sided control markers, 8 Axis advantage tokens, and 8 Allied advantage tokens. Finally, today’s preview will also outline the vicotry conditions of the game.

The pictures provided in this article are front and back of the punch out card that contains all of the counters.


Tokens, Markers, and Counters

FrontIsland cards. The large island cards on the left and right are the home base cards. These cards are placed adjacent to the game board and represent a far off island that is used as the home base for deploying units.

First player marker. The round counter in the center is the token to represent the first player each turn. The player who goes first alternates each turn and so far there doesn’t seem to be any advantage to being the first player, the second player has the upper hand.

Point track counters. There are two small chits below the first player marker, these are used for keeping track of the victory points on the victory point chart.

Control markers.
There is one control marker for each island, not including the home base. The control markers are double sided, one side for Japan and the other side for USA.

Supply tokens.
Supplies are used to build or repair airfields and also can be used for deployment, which I’ll explain in a future preview.

Airfields markers.
– Can be built for 3 supplies, repaired for 1, takes 2 hits to damage an airfield, you may land 2 aircraft of any type in an airfield. These markers are double-sided, one side is working order and the other side is damaged.

Advantage tokens. The advantage tokens are optional and each can only be used ince per game; there are 5 different types per player and 8 tokens per player total. The following are two examples of the advantage tokens:

Axis Advantage: Banzai Charge:
used during combat before the land battle step begins, choose one land attack, for that attack tihs token allows attacking units a plus one to hit.

Allies Advantage: PT Boats:
used during the combat phase but before combat begins, allows you to place this token in a sea zone that contains at least one other unit. The PT boat has a sea attack power of 1. This unit stays in the game as a PT Boat until it is hit.

Winning the Game

The game is one when the first player reaches 15 points at the end of a turn. If there is a tie, you keep playing until the tie is resolved. Points are awarded immediately to a player that destroys a capital ship of their opponent. Capital ships are aircraft carriers and battleships. At the end of each game turn each player receives one point for each undamaged airfield that they control.

Axis & Allies Guadalcanal will be available in stores on November
16, 2007 with an MSRP of $50 USD. For more details about the game
please read the following articles:

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