Axis & Allies Europe 1940 Preview 2: French and Italian units

| August 4, 2010 | 3 Comments

The new upcoming Axis & Allies Europe 1940 board game features two new countries: French and Italy. While the fate of France might be sealed in the first few round or two of play, Italy has a real chance to expand it’s power over the Mediterranean. This preview has several photos of all of the new French units, which are blue and the Italian units, which are brown.


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  1. Kurt says:

    But they’re facing the wrong direction – they should be running *away* from the battle.

  2. R. says:

    Way to understand history bro.

  3. Geko says:

    Yes, Italy joined the war with inadequate army, old equipment and vehicles, and incompetent officers (many of them were admirals and generals simply thanks to their friendship with monarchy, expecially in the navy): Mussolini thought the war would be over in some weeks. Idiot.
    Yes, italian high command strategy was illogical and stupid and in many cases italian soldiers had sent to fight in unuseful campaigns or attacks, with no hope to win. Yes, too many illegal connections between politics army and industry. Yes, Sicily surrended immediately and the king himself abandoned his own people and army. These are facts. Yes, it’s a shame.
    The italian WWII was a continuous sequences of mistakes from the beginning: the first one, fighting together with the germans. No need to remind what the brave germans did during the conflict. Yes, it’s a shame.

    May I tell you a story? My grandpa cousin received the order to defend 30 km of coast in Sicily against an allied landing: he had 6 sailors 3 horsemen (yes horsemen!)and a gun machine! He fired about 30 shots with the gun, then it misfired! Do you know how many situations like this happened?

    Do you know how many italians fought as volunteers on the Gothic Line side by side to the germans, refusing to surrender? Did you know that italian troops fought (and won) in the worst conditions and with an inadequate equipment at El Alamein? Yes, they won (even stopping british tanks with the molotovs!), but unfortunately the german line (the great Afrika Korps) was broken in the northern front. Please, read what gen. Montgomery and Rommell wrote about it. And what about Bir El Gobi? And Cefalonia? and what about the X-Mas?
    Do you know that many italians joined the Salò republican army after Mussolini was dead, even if the war was definitely lost? did they face the wrong direction?

    No one can deny that italian strategy was illogical, stupid and ridiculous during the WWII; but think italian soldiers can still deserve respect.

    Read and study before speaking, mr Kurt, or go on showing your ignorance.

    PS: May I suppose that you’re german, by the sound of your joke?

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