The other day I received the following news from Greg Smorey, Axis & Allies Tournament Game Master:

I would like to take just a moment, maybe a long moment, of your time and bring everyone up to speed on the latest and greatest from the Axis & Allies Convention World.

The first item on the addenda is the Spring Gathering VII, set for April 17 & 18 in Cincinnati, Ohio. There have been several questions regarding the AA tournament format as well as which game will be played, AAR or AA50. The answer is Revised. Since AA50 just came out, it is hard to establish a good format for a tournament this early in the game. The SGVII will be a good play test run on the playability of an AA50 tournament format for the rest of the year but for now, the SGVII tourney is Revised. There will however, be an AA50 tournament at Origins and GEN CON run by myself under whatever format we come up with in the meantime.

With this being said, don’t delay in your registration for this year’s Spring Gathering VII. Registrations for events are coming in, so if you want to secure your spots in any of the events, you need to register.

On to additional AA news. Both of the schedules for AA events at Origins and GEN CON have been submitted. Please go to the SmoreySwamp for the times and schedules for each. I hope I got everything down correctly and if there any questions let me know. Now, before any of you go screaming at me, yes, there is some overlap, but in the timeframe allotted, it is the best I could do and it is almost impossible to get every AA game scheduled without some compromise for the prime time slots.

The AA50 tournament at both Origins and GEN CON will be formatted as a qualifier tourney. Basically, there are four times on Thursday and Friday one can play the game and if you/teammate win, you advance to SE round. I am still working on the official rules for this game for tourney play but I can tell you, it will be played in 6 hour time slots with 2 player teams, not three. Victory conditions have NOT yet been determined but something more concrete will come just after the SGVII.

At Origins, we will also be running, ALL AA versions of the game, (except 2nd Ed) at some point and we will also be having our AA minis and WAS games as well.

At GEN CON, the biggest change will occur. The biggest change is in the MEGA Revised Tournament format and starting time. The Mega Revised tournament has been moved from an 8am Saturday start time, to Friday night at 6pm. And the format is three rounds of Swiss play and then the top 4 teams advance to SE play on Saturday night. This does away with the one and done format that so many have complained about for however long it has been. This also gets the tourney on the exact same format of play as the Origins Mega and the Masters…

The Masters Invitational will stay the same and the AA50 tourney will be structured the same as it is at ORIGINS.

Also at GEN CON, we will be moving our location to just down the Hall from the 500 Ballroom, the location we have been in the past several years. We have secured a separate room for A&A Board gaming and A&A Minis together in one room. The location will be Rooms 116 & 117. This is on the same hallway as the 500 Ballroom that we are usually in (but closer to the food court and the exhibit hall). I think this location will work well…You can see a floor plan of the Indiana Convention center at

Well, I guess that is enough damage for one day. Again, please go to the SmoreySwamp for Spring Gathering VII registration and events schedules, as well as the Origins/GENCON Events listings 09. You can also go to the SmoreySwampForum to chat with others about any or all of the information one needs to know about the upcoming AA year. If you have not registered, please do so, it is free and we love to hear from you…