Axis & Allies 1941 Preview: Contents of the Box

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It’s only two weeks until the official release of Axis & Allies 1941 but thanks to Wizards of the Coast Axis & has a review copy to share with you. Having just arrived in the mail today, these are the first few photos that I took with my iPhone when I first opened the game.

The play time for this version, printed on the box, promises to be a short 1-3 hours, which is 1 hour longer than the original reports.

Contents of the Box

The box contains the following:

  • Game board
  • Rulebook
  • Cardboard battle strip
  • Cardboard casualty strip
  • 50 cardboard national control markers
  • 34 cardboard unit stacking markers (22 gray, 8 green, 4 red)
  • 160 plastic pieces
  • 4 dice

The Game Board Map

The map dimensions are as follows:

  • Folded: 8.75 inches x 10.875 inches and 0.5 inches thick
  • Unfolded (pictured below): 32.5 inches by 17.5 inches


The game comes with several new sculpts of pieces. The infantry seem a touch larger than previous version and it appears that each unit has a sculpt never seen before in any version of Axis & Allies. The sculpts do have some overlap and it appears that all of the Allies share the same sculpts as due the Axis. Each country, in this game, has the same number of pieces:

  • 8 infantry
  • 5 tanks
  • 4 fighters
  • 2 bombers
  • 4 transports
  • 3 submarines
  • 2 destroyers
  • 2 air craft carriers
  • 2 battleships

Soviet Union pieces:

Germany pieces:

United Kingdom pieces:

Japan pieces:

United States pieces:

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  1. sgtwiltan says:

    I’m not disappointed by the sculpts as an enfranchised player.
    Hoever I would be as new player as the national distinctions are basically color and ww2 affiliation. It’s much more pronounced than in the original milton bradley game but does not show the historical differences. For the pre-order price for this set I get the different sculpts, larger map, and extra roundels for the price of 2 HBG national sets or half of FMG national set. I’m satisfied.
    However I see this as an “upgrade set” to complement the upcoming 1942 refresh only. For the price of both games you get a plethora of varied game pieces for the cost of one of the earlier half of the global game.
    This comment though is dependent on the contents of the 1942 refresh so keep that in mind.

  2. wuushew says:

    Will a more in depth preview come shortly?

  3. David Jensen says:

    As soon as I have time to play a game.

  4. Hahn says:

    Whoa, big changes! Decreases in number of IPC and territories, no aa guns, no backup factories etc.
    See from the map, three initial factories of Britain give many new choices, now it would be possible for allies to KJF.
    Also, with not enough IPC every turn and no aa guns anymore, strategy booming could be more practical.
    Russia now is more vulnerable to German attacks while Japan may not be so easy to hit it.

    Time of each turn will definitely be shorter, which means the fight would be more struggle.
    Excited already! Everything seems to be more balanced.
    As a Chinese big fan of axis & allies, I really wonder if 1941 version cloud be on sale at same time trough out the world.
    Can’t wait to play it.

  5. Fan of Japan says:

    For japan it’s all going to rest on their starting position. If they’re able to take Boreno and Indoenssia and Phillipines in that first turn that radically alters their IPC count. Also, China is going to be more important right off the bat because all Japan has to do is take out one of the territories and it can start double teaming the Caucus region with Germany. Needless to say, the Pacific theater is going to be interesting, a lot like the original A&A Pacific

  6. Scott Nixon says:

    OK, so I get it that the 16 “all-new” sculpts are all the piece types except infantry, and that there are 8 piece types used for all the Allies and 8 piece types used for both Axis powers. So can anyone tell from the pictures what the pieces are based on? Here’s what I have so far, but it would be nice if someone could fill in the blanks:

    Allied Tank = USSR IS-2
    Allied Fighter = US P-40
    Allied Bomber = UK Lancaster
    Allied Transport = ?
    Allied Sub = ?
    Allied Destroyer = ?
    Allied Carrier = ?
    Allied Battleship = UK Hood

    Axis Tank = German Tiger
    Axis Fighter = German FW-190
    Axis Bomber = German He-111
    Axis Transport = ?
    Axis Sub = ?
    Axis Destroyer = ?
    Axis Carrier = Japan Akagi
    Axis Battleship = ?


  7. Dakota C says:

    I Like the new sculpts, however I am a Little upset about hoe there isn’t distinction between the countries any more the Sculpts are generic with the only distinction being what the axis pieces look like compared to the Allies.

  8. Dakota C says:

    The Axis BB is either the Nagato Class or if it does have two stacks than it’s the Kongo Class. The Allied carier by best guess is the Ark Royal Class.

  9. David Jensen says:

    Part of this is to keep the cost low. MSRP is $30 but before long you’ll see it sold for $25 or less.

  10. Grant says:

    Fewer pieces, and fewer types of units… fewer production units… fewer territories even. Honestly, it looks like this is designed for a much shorter and less fulfilling game. At the same time, it is nice to see a version set earlier in the war… my personal preference is maps set at the “official” beginning of the war, AKA pre-September 1st, 1939. (Never mind the “legal” takeovers of numerous areas by Nazi Germany and the Japanese takeover of Manchuria (which Europe and America cared nothing about…)

    Anyways, I’d put this about on par with the old 1984 (classic/”Gamemaster series”) set. Forget this one, buy the “1942” version released in 2009.

  11. Sgtwiltan says:

    Allied Tank = USSR IS-2
    Allied Fighter = US P-40
    Allied Bomber = UK Lancaster
    Allied Transport = UK Tower Hill
    Allied Sub = US Gato
    Allied Destroyer = US Sumner Class
    Allied Carrier = Ark Royal
    Allied Battleship = UK Hood

    Axis Tank = German Tiger
    Axis Fighter = German FW-190
    Axis Bomber = German He-111
    Axis Transport = Japan Hakusan Maru
    Axis Sub = German Type VII
    Axis Destroyer = Japan Akitsuki
    Axis Carrier = Japan Akagi
    Axis Battleship = Japan Kongo

    Mostly closest guess based on GHQ models

  12. Sgtwiltan says:

    That makes 16 NEW Sculpts!!!
    The 5 new in A7A 1942 might be already in this set

  13. Fan of Japan says:

    Ill most likely bring over the Zero and Betty fighter for the Japanese and the Bismark for the Germans….but I do enjoy the Japanese having Tiger tanks :D. All in all those are so dang nice quality pieces, even if they are limited and the same, they still put a great amount of detail into them.

  14. sgtwiltan says:

    It looks like 21 new sculpts to add to our collections when 1942 comes out

  15. Joseph says:

    This doesn’t look like a good deal to me… Might be good for brand new players, but I don’t know why anyone who already plays would want this version. Simpler board, fewer pieces, non-historical sculpts. Those would drive me crazy. Japanese Tigers and British IS-2’s? Maybe I’m spoiled by the 1940 versions. I’m not buying this one.

  16. David Jensen says:

    What everybody needs to keep in mind is that this is a quick play, introductory game of Axis & Allies. It will be the version you see at Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us. In the designer notes, Larry predicts this to be the most played version of the game ever – that says a lot.

    Yes, it may not be for die hards but somebody did the math that it could be worth it just for the plastic pieces when it hits the $25 price point. If you want new plastic pieces from FMG and HBG, it’s going to cost you as much if not more.

    I’m also surprised that die hards are not interested in the “quick fix” of Axis & Allies that this will provide. Personally, I would love to get together with my 2 closest A&A friends and crank out 3 games in a row. In the time it takes to maybe finish 1 game, we can play each other with all three permutations of a 3 player game.

    The other thing is if you’re starting to get into other games with your A&A crew, this will allow you to get in a game of A&A and a something else in the same sitting.

  17. Fan of Japan says:

    I’m with ya David. As a pretty die hard fan (I’m sorry, but a weekend long game…I eventually lose patience. Give me a good 7 hour game anyday) I am super excited for this. I like the setting, I like the idea that I will be able to play a couple quick games in between having to give attention to the rest of my life. And most of all, I love that it will no longer be daunting to people who don’t play Axis&Allies because it will last about the same time a good game of Risk does, or an intense game of Settlers of Cataan. This allows me to set up a game with the vast majority of my friends who enjoy breaking out a board gamme onec in a while but lothe the idea of spending their whole weekend playing one game.

    I for one, am super excited for this game. It just looks fun.

  18. Innocent Newbie says:

    Ok, I have to ask: According to the National Production Chart, the US is set to have 15 on their first turn, but they control territories worth 17 IPCs. Goof? Will it be fixed before the game is released? Or is it an initial cap on US resources?

  19. David Jensen says:

    I’ll look into it.

  20. Yavid says:

    This game reminds me of classic. Remember how fun classic was? Remember all the good times you had playing it? Remember how your friends would play classic? Plus how many people got into A&A because of classic? It’s also about getting new people hooked on the game. I for one am excited for the new game. Maybe just maybe my g/f will play a game with me instead of sending me off to the basement to play. To me the new pieces are going to be new unit types in global (heavy tanks, better subs, and so on) This game is about hooking new players and giving all of us who play already stuff we have been asking for for years (tigers) so we can house rule the new pieces into other games.

  21. Most Holy says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this. We could probably get a whole game into one podcast for Dicetruction where a game of Global is one round per episode. I’m sure we’ll switch out the pieces we don’t like in our set up and put in the pieces we do. I’ll reserve judgement until I get my hands on them as to which.
    My 10 year old likes Risk and Battleship but that’s the extent of his wargame experience. I think this game will get a better workout at the dinner table than it will in the garage/smokey war room

  22. Kesselring says:

    I count 17 IPC for the USA, but they starts with 15 Points. Why?

  23. jacob says:

    i only have 1941.i think they either need to add more pieces or chips because i always run out.#2,they would make more money by coming out with a new axis and allies 1941 addition.including all the money,more guys or chips,and more dice.i have to use candy land cards for money,RISK** dice for the dice,and have to not give the armies there real income because i do not have enough cards.that is what i have to say about 1941.

  24. jacob says:

    i have looked at many axis and allies bard games and i am impressed with europe 1940 and pacific 1940.they go good together.also,there are many nations.

  25. i agree with jacob on 1941

  26. A Gamer says:

    Little nervous about getting this for Christmas… Although I completely welcome the easy setup up and play they were going for, it allows me to get some of my friends into the game. Weather a curse or a gift, I started with the 1942, the lack of pieces is… ugh but I can deal with it, I plan to sell my current 1942 edition and pick up the 2nd edition but hopefully, this game is better then it looks.

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