Axis & Allies 1914 Map

Axis & Allies 1914 Map

This preview of Axis & Allies WWI 1914 is all about the components of the game. We have included photos of the map, the trays for the pieces, national control markers, the chip in each of the four colors, the small dice, and all of the units. The map, pictured above, is 32.5″ x 32.25″ (82.6cm x 81.9cm).

In the photo below, you can see that all of the trays fit nicely into the box. It looks really nice when you first open the game.

Axis & Allies 1914 Box with Trays Closed

All of the trays fit nicely into the box.

Axis & Allies 1914 Box with Trays Open

Axis & Allies 1914 comes with tons of the same style chips as 1942 Second Edition with the Axis & Allies logo printed on each one. Using different colors for the Central Powers vs. the Allies is both important to the game and wonderful eye candy when viewing the game board.

Axis & Allies 1914 Chips, Dice, Markers

Chips, Dice, and Control Markers

A&A 1914 National Control Markers

Sheet of unpunched National Control Markers

The battle board definitely comes in handy when you’re getting started with this new set of rules. After about 8 hours of playing, you’ll probably only use it for the really large battles.

Axis & Allies 1914 Battle Board

Battle Board

Below is a photo of the bi-plane fights from each of the major powers.

Axis & Allies 1914 Bi-Plane Fighters

Bi-Plane Fighters

The photo below shows all of the non-infantry ground units.

Axis & Allies 1914 Tanks and Artillery

Tanks and Artillery

Just like fighters, tanks, and artillery, all of the naval units also have the same sculpts. An example of the naval units are provided below.

Axis & Allies Italy Naval Units

Italy Naval Units

The eight photos below are close-up shots of infantry from each of the Axis & Allies 1914 major powers. Infantry units are the same size as all previous versions of Axis & Allies.

Axis & Allies 1914 USA Infantry

USA Infantry

Axis & Allies 1914 Austria-Hungary Infantry

Austria-Hungary Infantry

Axis & Allies 1914 France Infantry

France Infantry

Axis & Allies 1914 Italy Infantry

Italy Infantry

Axis & Allies 1914 Ottoman Empire Infantry

Ottoman Empire Infantry

Axis & Allies 1914 Russian Empire Infantry

Russian Empire Infantry

Axis & Allies 1914 British Empire Infantry

British Empire Infantry

Axis & Allies 1914 Germany Infantry

Germany Infantry

To get an idea of the relative scale of the units, the photo below shows all of the different types of units for the Ottoman Empire.

Axis & Allies 1914 Ottoman Empire Units

Ottoman Empire Units


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