Today we get our first glimpses at Axis & Allies Online when Beamdog announced that the Axis & Allies Online Steam page is available and you can add to your wishlist.

We’ve had the privilege to play Axis & Allies Online for the past 4 weeks but have been sworn to secrecy until now. As you can see from the screenshots, the map is immediately recognizable as Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition with some digital improvements. The territory colors are borders are easily discernible from each other and they change color as you conquer territories to reflect who controls the territory. The subtle changes in the map colors, especially the deep, dark blue for the ocean is reminiscent of both Axis & Allies Revised Edition and Axis & Allies & Zombies, arguably two of the best maps (after Classic, which always has the #1 spot in our hearts and minds).

I also really enjoy the look of the playing pieces because they highly resemble the tabletop playing pieces. The look and feel of the game brings you into a world that not only plays like Axis & Allies but also looks and feels like Axis & Allies.

There is still no firm release date but it is “coming soon.” If the Steam page is up, it must be soon, right?

Be sure to check out the new Axis & Allies Steam Page and add it to your Steam wishlist!

The main menu of Axis & Allies Online. This is where you find your active games and set up new ones. It also has a wonderful “Learn to Play” system that helps you learn how AAO works and helps you learn A&A if you’re unfamiliar with the rules or the latest rules.
The zoomed out map screen with the initial setup of the game. Standard OOB setup.
This is a zoomed in map view that shows the movement arrows. When you do a bombardment, the arrow is blue (as of writing). When you do a strategic bombing, the arrow is red (as of writing).
This is a zoomed-in map screen that also includes the widget used to make your purchases. It divides up land, sea, air, and industrial purchases. Repairing your IC is in that 4th option.
This is a zoomed-in map view that has the side menu open. Here we see pending moves. You can undo moves here or directly on the map. We’ll explain the other tabs in a future post.
This is the zoomed-out view showing the combat movement arrows. NCM looks similar. Here you can also see the red arrow for strategic bombing.
This is the overview windows. You can get to it anytime by clicking the red “OVERVIEW” button at the bottom of the screen.