A few weeks ago we announced that Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition was set to be re-released. Today we have some updates regarding the release date and the pieces included in the set.

First off, due to the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, the ports have been backed up, which is causing a delay in shipment to the Wizards of the Coast warehouse in Dallas, Texas. The new release date is set to be October 20, 2017. Be sure to pre-order your copy on Amazon today.

Next, we have some information regarding the sculpts for some of the pieces. Because Wizards was unable to reuse some of the original sculpts a few of the sculpts are the same as Axis & Allies 1942 SE. These are listed below:


  • Fighter is from 1942
  • Tank is from 1942


  • Battleship is from 1942


  • Tank is from 1942
  • Artillery is from 1942
  • Fighter is from 1942

USSR (Russia)

  • Destroyer is from 1942
  • Cruiser is from 1942