Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition Preview: Map and Setup

| July 19, 2012 | 8 Comments

In this preview of Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition we reveal the details of the map and setup of the game. The game board has the total dimensions of 40″ x 26″ which consists of two 20″ x 26″ boards that you place together. It is a huge board in comparison to the first edition with more territories and a new map layout. Across the top, in the Arctic, is the Production Chart. Unlike the first edition, the production chart takes up much less space on the board.

In the photos of the setup, you will notice the new green chips. These new chips represent 3 units. Another thing to notice about the setup is the new industrial complex in India.

The setup charts are glossy card stock, pictured below. For a text version of the setup, please look at the Setup Chart for Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition.

If you would like to view high resolution photos of the map and setup please visit Flickr:



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  1. Coldwarrior1984 says:

    The new map is awesome. I love the changes and this is on my “must buy” list now. UK is a lot tougher now with an expanded navy and the factory in India!

  2. cwwgateway says:

    I’m probably counting wrong, but it seems like Germany has 41 IPCs, not 40.

  3. Axistiger13 says:

    This is an awesome board!

    This is added to my ¨must have¨ list!

  4. SuperNova says:

    Huh. Indeed. Germany starts with 41 IPCs. I have counted it twice and confirmed this.

    I’ll have to start playing Spring 1942 and use the red chips to represent 3 units. That is a good idea.

  5. Darren Taylor says:

    I don’t understand why they insist on putting the IPC chart on the board. Why don’t they just go back to making it a separate cardboard chart instead of trying to save the ten cents in costs to print them. It was way too easy for players to accidentally bump the markers around before. And now we’re going to have the same trouble. I’m going to use the IPC chart from other versions to avoid that issue. Also I miss the plastic Factories and AA pieces. I also use those from other versions. As well as the paper money.
    Other then that the board does look good. It’s bigger then before but they still could have gone a little bigger.

  6. David Jensen says:

    It helps reduce the cost of the game. The game is MSRP $65 ad it is so I’m all for cost cutting. If you want custom pieces, e.g. money, then check out the site sponsors. is even selling clay IP poker-style chips.

    As for the plastic AA guns, they were replaced by the country specific AAA guns so that is an unfounded complaint.

  7. Sean Crees says:

    Germany has 41 IPC and UK has 31 IPC. I wonder if this is a typo on the map or a typo in the rules/setup cards. I have always counted up the territory values to determine a countries current IPC total.

  8. Peter says:

    This version is really good.

    Japan needs longer time to expand, Germany is tough as nails forcing the allies to focus on her and the main problem for the USA is the sea distances.

    Soviet Unions seems to weak though. I’m sure there will be house rules to prevent an early russian collapse. We certainly will have that.

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