In this preview of Axis & Allies 1941 we examine the details around the units of the game: high resolution photos, the sculpt types, units stats, and special abilities.

The initial details from April revealed that Axis & Allies 1941 would include 160 pieces with 16 new sculpts, never seen before in previous versions of Axis & Allies. Except for the infantry units, pictured above, all of the Allies share the same unit sculpts and all of the Axis share the same sculpts.

As previously reported, each country includes the following pieces: 8 infantry, 5 tanks, 4 fighters, 2 bombers, 4 transports, 3 submarines, 2 destroyers, 2 air craft carriers, and 2 battleships. Units absent from this version are: anti-aircraft, industrial complexes (they are printed on the map), artillery, mechanized infantry, tactical bombers, and anything else not seen here.


The following is the current best guess of each of the types of units included in the game. If you have possible corrections based on the photos, please respond in the comments.

Allied Tank: USSR IS-2
Allied Fighter: US P-40 Warhawk
Allied Bomber: UK Lancaster
Allied Transport: UK Tower Hill
Allied Sub: US Gato or  maybe UK T Class
Allied Destroyer: US Sumner Class
Allied Carrier: Ark Royal
Allied Battleship: UK Hood

Axis Tank: German Tiger
Axis Fighter: German FW-190
Axis Bomber: German He-111
Axis Transport: Japanese Hakusan Maru
Axis Sub: German Type VII
Axis Destroyer: Japan Akitsuki
Axis Carrier: Japan Akagi
Axis Battleship: Japan Kongo

Likely due to the scaled back and introductory nature of Axis & Allies 1941, unit prices have changed in this edition. Most of the attack and defense stats remain consistent with previous editions of Axis & Allies. The special abilities are also nearly the same except bombers, which do not have the strategic bombing ability, and battleships, which do not have bombardment.

Unit Stats

Infantry. Cost: 3, Attack: 1, Defense: 2, Move: 1. No special abilities.

Tank. Cost: 6, Attack: 3, Defense: 3, Move: 2. Special abilities: blitz.

Fighter. Cost: 10, Attack: 3, Defense: 4, Move: 4. Special abilities: land on aircraft carriers.

Bomber: Cost: 12, Attack: 4, Defense: 1, Move: 6. No special abilities.

Submarine: Cost: 6, Attack: 2, Defense: 1, Move: 2.

Special abilities:

  • Surprise attack
  • Submersible
  • Treat hostile sea zones as friendly
  • Does not block enemy movement
  • Cannot hit air units
  • Cannot be hit by air units

Transport. Cost: 7, Attack: –, Defense: –, Move: 2.

Special abilities:

  • No combat value
  • Does not block enemy movement
  • Chosen last
  • Carry land units

Destroyer. Cost: 8, Attack: 2, Defense: 2, Move: 2. Special abilities: Anti-submarine

Aircraft Carrier. Cost: 12, Attack: 1, Defense: 2, Move: 2. Special abilities: Carry fighters, Fighter defense.

Battleship. Cost: 16, Attack: 4, Defense: 4, Move: 2. Special abilities: Two hits to destroy.

More About Axis & Allies 1941

Update (June 8, 2012): Added UK T Class as a possible alternative as the Allied sub.

Update (June 11, 2012): Added the More About Axis & Allies 1941 section.