In this preview of Axis & Allies 1941, we will take a look at the starting setup of the game. Although this edition is considered introductory Axis & Allies, the game actually starts with quite a few pieces on the board relative to the total economy of the game. Depending on which countries you control, you will either need to protect your starting resources or press them forward aggressively.

Update: The photo above is missing the crucial 1 German tank in North Africa.

For a high resolution of the photo above please view it on Flickr.

In the photos you may notice the new cardboard unit stacking markers. The denominations are as follows: gray for 1, green for 3, and red for 5.

Below is the map before setup and the first photo, above, is the game setup and ready to play.

In this version of Axis & Allies, the setup charts are on the back of the rulebook, pictured below. The setup for Axis & Allies 1941 is also here.


The following are more photos of the game.



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Update (June 11, 2012): Added a comment about the missing German tank in North Africa.