A Second Game of Axis & Allies WWI 1914

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On March 17, 2013 I got together with some friends, Jay and Kurt, and played my second game of Axis & Allies WWI 1914 and this game turned ou much differently than my first. In my first game the Central Powers struggled but in this game, learning from my mistakes and a lot of lucky dice, the Central Powers dominated.

It seems that the challenge for the Allies is transporting enough units into Europe to build unit stacks that rival the stacks of the Central Powers.

We started this game at 2:45pm, took a 1 hour break for dinner and finished Germany turn 6 at around 10:45pm. We played with the Russian Revolution rules and were it not for a lucky dice roll, Austria-Hungary may have been stuck not having taken Moscow, which it did.

I took one photo per country turn approximately at the end of the turn. Keep in mind that every so often something that was neglected during the turn was corrected after I took the photo.

The only major frustration of the game was the fact that it does not come with enough chips and infantry. This is especially true for an playing Germany and Austria aggressively. But don’t let that disuade you, there are easy work-arounds especially if you already own any other Axis & Allies games.

Second Game of Axis & Allies WWI 1914

Storified by David Jensen· Mon, Mar 18 2013 00:28:30

Austria-Hungary purchased 2 infantry, 2 artillery, 1 submarine, and 1 fighter
Axis & Allies 1914 A1: Austria-Hungary captures Serbia & contests Romania and Albania. http://pic.twitter.com/9ADi4G5FqYAxis and Allies.org
Russia purchased 5 infantry, 1 fighter, 1 artillery.
Axis & Allies 1914 R1: Russia fortifies Romania, Poland, Ukraine. Attacks in Romania. http://pic.twitter.com/kbVbtbZjZ0Axis and Allies.org
Germany purchased 7 infantry, 2 artillery, 1 fighter.
Axis & Allies 1914 G1: Germany fortifies Tyrolia, Westernn front, captures Belgium, attacks Poland. http://pic.twitter.com/0QNlAorrtoAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 F1: Attacks Belgium, kills a sub, activates Portugal. http://pic.twitter.com/QUnfq0DYGWAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 B1: Africa campaign and activated Arabia. Built boats. http://pic.twitter.com/MYBzFxTv0vAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 O1: Attacked Arabia, activated Bulgaria, and lost in sea zone 19. http://pic.twitter.com/EGAdsHnT12Axis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 I1: Bought 2 planes, reinforced Venice, evacuated Albania. http://pic.twitter.com/6QxBATiolNAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 U1: Bought 1 infantry, 1 artillery, 2 transports http://pic.twitter.com/ruhHvopwbvAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 AH2: Captured Romania, attacked Venice, and mutual annihilation in SZ 17. http://pic.twitter.com/zLPGu6bkoqAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 R2: Fortifies Ukraine & Poland. Attacks Poland. Kills Austrian transport. Moves battleship fwd. http://pic.twitter.com/UhgawG3rIJAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 G2: Killed Russian Battleship, captured Poland, attacked Venice. http://pic.twitter.com/RWEo9ct3bwAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 F2: Captured Togoland, attacked & contested Ruhr, fortified Lorraine. http://pic.twitter.com/t3dpVnNoHCAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 B2: Captures Smyrna, Congo. Attacks: Jordan. Moves troops into Europe, Arabia. http://pic.twitter.com/gCQIwOhF2ZAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 O2: Captures Smyrna, Trans-Jordan, Arabia. Contests Sevastapol. http://pic.twitter.com/P6eAH87KF4Axis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 I2: Captured Albania. Fortifies Venice. http://pic.twitter.com/A6lIHZ08c5Axis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 U2: Lands troops in Ireland & Canada. http://pic.twitter.com/I9fD8mZmSDAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 A3: Captured Albania. Attacked & contested Ukraine. Fortified Venice. http://pic.twitter.com/AoCc00RgcBAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 R3: Fortified Ukraine. Bought infantry http://pic.twitter.com/2OYcFgU74MAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 G3: Captures Belarus, Livonia. Fails to capture Ruhr. Mutual destruction in SW Africa. http://pic.twitter.com/PQ30DZweDMAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 F3: Passed the mines, captured Kiel. Attacked Allsace. Lost 1 BB, 1 DD in SZ 11. http://pic.twitter.com/K1mBqDHGD6Axis and Allies.org
Cats & dogs living together, French & Italians in WWI Egypt, mass hysteria! That’s Axis & Allies 1914. http://pic.twitter.com/KiyICKGZMLAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 B3: Lost in SZ 11. Fortified Belgium, Ruhr, Egypt. Captured French Eq. Africa. http://pic.twitter.com/gIhmkmpaC5Axis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 O3: Captured Sevastopol. Fortified Trans-Jordan & coastlines. http://pic.twitter.com/nTylVdwN2WAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 I3: Captured Romania (avoiding mines), fortified Egypt. http://pic.twitter.com/C22sTwIpqzAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 U3: Bought transports, artillery, fighter. Transported units to Scotland. http://pic.twitter.com/llORa48mzRAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 A4: Attacked Ukraine & Venice. Captured Romania. Bought a cruiser. http://pic.twitter.com/XhU2UthFZ5Axis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 R4: Fortified Moscow w/5 infantry. Lost a Russian cruiser in SZ 18. http://pic.twitter.com/68gQ3WqhtpAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 G4: Captures: Keil, Ukraine, Karelia, Finland. Attacks: Ruhr, Alsace, Venice, Moscow. http://pic.twitter.com/CEDgg42bIwAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 F4: Attacked Alsace, SZ 10. http://pic.twitter.com/YZliIc3feXAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 B4: Fortified the front. Attacked Ruhr, SZ 18 (killed CA), SZ10 (killed BB). http://pic.twitter.com/UclqtRkL28Axis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 O4: Bought battleship, cruiser. Captured Persia, Tartarstan. http://pic.twitter.com/ZZ3T1JbjpeAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 I4: 3 artillery. Attacked in Venice. http://pic.twitter.com/m34fYzEc8dAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 U4: Killed transport in SZ 12. Liberated Finland. http://pic.twitter.com/aQBVzkMVxdAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 A5: Captures Moscow & Venice. http://pic.twitter.com/XBJ9JKFSxHAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 G4: Liberated Ruhr. http://pic.twitter.com/5LI08FsDjIAxis and Allies.org
Germany also attacked Alsace.Axis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 F5: Attacks Alsace. Fortifies European front & Piedmont. http://pic.twitter.com/a5oXqC1XTHAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 B5: Attacked Kiel. Captured Ruhr. Fortified India. http://pic.twitter.com/iaUgrjfWWyAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 O5: Captured Egypt. http://pic.twitter.com/JoO4w5zoBnAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 I5: Bought 4 infantry. http://pic.twitter.com/II6niW0o4xAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 U5: Fortified Kiel. Moved troops further into Europe. http://pic.twitter.com/fQlqfC4qDiAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 A6: Moved all troops West. http://pic.twitter.com/rkz2YC2pXoAxis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914 G6: Attacked Kiel, Alsace. Moved troops West. http://pic.twitter.com/DLEK3bYiW7Axis and Allies.org
Axis & Allies 1914: The Central Powers are victorious!Axis and Allies.org

Please keep clicking the “Read More” button until you reach to the conclusion of the game.

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  1. Juno says:

    Did Germany do any submarine warfare?
    Was the game played with the Optional rule-The Russian Revolution?
    Were any tanks used in combat?
    Were any British units mobilized in India instead of London?

  2. Aran55633 says:

    @ Juno: #2 was answered…

    #3, I found at least 6 purchased, but all were Allies… Based on the pictures, it looks like the French tanks saw some combat. I cannot say on the others. I hope David will describe the experiences with them, and whether they appear to be worth purchasing… I expect that they probably aren’t, but I haven’t played yet.

    #4, it seems axiomatic to say that some were, even without looking at the pictures or reading the text, both of which clearly demonstrate that some were…

    To help anyone who may need it, the “Read More” button didn’t appear for me initially. When I copy and pasted the URL to another tab, it appeared.

  3. deuceswild57 says:

    Did I miss something? How did the Central Powers win? I don’t see where they captured Paris or London…

  4. David Jensen says:

    The other side surrendered, it was over for them.

    When was the last time you actually finished a game to completion?

  5. deuceswild57 says:

    Well, I haven’t played the game yet (this is the first Axis and Allies game I have ordered since I have been looking for a good game about WW1)) so maybe the hopelessness of the Allies position isn’t clear to me yet especially since the US in now in the war if they can only get there 🙂 so I probably would have played on for a while longer since I tend to be stubborn. Anyway, thanks for all the articles showing how the games is played.

  6. David Jensen says:

    Did mean to sound snarky, it was actually a somewhat serious question. Most of my games end in surrender or “projection” of a winner.

    The Allies are not hopeless, I think you have to play them carefully.

  7. deuceswild57 says:

    Ok, no problem. I would agree that after playing for hours that to adjudicate the game at this point then the Central Powers are winning. It would still be fun to play it out though. What we tend to do in a long winded game is take pictures of the board and/or write down the location of all the units if pictures alone aren’t enough and pick up where we left off another day.

  8. richter von Manthofen says:

    Seems this game has a built in Russia first strategy for the Central Powers.

  9. David Jensen says:

    That’s the most obvious strategy for the Central Powers because you have all three countries available to fight on that front.

    You might be able to try an Italy/Africa/India first strategy too.

  10. Anthony says:

    Does anybody know what website I could purchase this game on. Since I live in America I would have to wait until tomorrow to place my order.

  11. David Jensen says:

    You can buy it on Amazon:
    Axis & Allies WWI 1914

  12. deuceswild57 says:

    You can also pre-order at this web site for a special price.
    It’s not free shipping like Amazon but even with shipping the total is less.

  13. Anthony says:

    thank you

  14. Richter von Manthofen says:

    I bought the game at my LGS today and did a setup.

    I am just thinking what to do first as A-H. I am tempted to incade Tuscany by sea on my first turn and also go for Venice and Serbia – Even If I can’t hold Tuscany it is a nice distraction for Italy. – And a thrust ito poland to soften it up for Germany.

    Buying Planes seems to be vital –

  15. YOYOJOE says:

    This sounds like a mix bewtween Diplomacy and Axis and Allies. I dont own a copy because of its price. I have come up with a strategy that would prove fatal to France and force the Allies to send troops to Western Europe. Also the map is very historicly acurate. I do think Belgium should be aligned to the British, as they entered the war when Germany invaded the country. And Bulgaria had joined the Austrian Hungrian Empire. Thats how Archduke Ferdiand was assasinated in the first place. But over all, very accurate.

  16. Eisenkeil says:

    Do I got this right? According to the values on the battle board it seems that:
    A tank attacks with 2 or less, with artillery with 3 or less.
    It defends with 1.
    Infantry attacks with 2 or less, with artillery with 3 or less.
    It defends with 3.

    So what are the advantages of using tanks?

  17. Francis Heb says:

    1-The advantage of tanks is that they can absorb hits (one per tank per attack) and not die… its a freaking huge advantage if you can stack someting like 5 to 20 tanks in the same attack……

    2-The chips are so frustrating… only 4 planes and 4 tanks for each contry…. i’m seriously tinking of buying the game a second time cause its soooooooo lame…. the most lame about this is that germany starts the game whit no chips to buy more infantry….

  18. David Jensen says:

    I like the chips but I don’t like that there are not quite enough in the game.

    Consider buying A&A 1942 Second Edition instead. It uses the same style of chips and you get a few different colors that you can use to represent 1 infantry (gray) or 1 artillery (green). It’s also, IMO, the best baseline version of Axis & Allies ever.

  19. İlkin Ege Okay says:

    Is there any naval base in India? I couldnt see it.

  20. itwish says:

    I’m a bit confused I have played A&A 1914 aswell but if I’m not mistaken the first picture of USA shows the arti and a infantry loaded on a ship which in 1914 cannot preload ships in any way till turn 4 and also to your comment about A&A 1942 2nd edition chips green doesn’t mean 1 artillery it goes gray=1 green=3 red=5

  21. YOYOJOE says:

    I FINALLY(!) managed to get a copy. Im having quite a lot of trouble. The central Powers keep on winning. Thay always go at Russia (there should deffinetly be some more territories bewtween the central powers and Moscow) then the Austria-Hungry Millitia comes in and wipes Italy out. Then Germany always gets good dice rolls and takes Paris. Its always the same. Does anyone have strategy for the allies to win? I am in a very large pickle. Also are there any National Objectives. Im afraid I missed something in the Rulebook.

  22. Darren Taylor says:

    Just for the simple fact of not having much else to do, I played a game out to the bitter end against myself. On round thirteen british forces took Vienna, ending the game. It took me six days at about six hours a day to complete the game. I was never a big fan of projected victories. Much to the lament of my buddies and my wife. I like to grind it out and make the victor work hard for his check mark in the win column. And on the seventh day I rested. Because, man, I love axis and allies and I love both world wars but this is the most long, slow, drug out game I’ve ever played.
    Aside from the lack of pieces and chips, there are at least a dozen different rules changes that could be made to make the game run much faster and smoother. Can you say second edition anyone?

  23. David Jensen says:

    There are no National Objectives. As Allies, you need to pile units in very large stacks. Don’t spread the French too thin. Grab those units in Portugal. Rebuild your UK navy wisely and buy lots of UK transports. By turn 3, you should have 8 to 12 UK units in on the French coast.

  24. YOYOJOE says:

    Thanks David! Ill try that.

  25. YOYOJOE says:

    It worked splendidly! Germany negalected a navy and relied hevily on submarines in the atlantic to sink allied shipping (unrestricted submarine warfare). Britain organized about 4 transports escorted by 1 battlship and 2 cruisers to land in berlin. Then since Germany panicked and began an immediate withdrawl of belgium and Lorraine, France pushed up through the low countries and took Munich and Rhur. Germany still had a cosiderable amount of troops (18 infantry,12 artillary, and 2 fighters) conbating Russia. None of these troops were able to make it back to Germany before the Russain counter attack. Then Italy began landings at Greece and albania to try to force Turkish and Austrian support away from the Ukaraine. The landings were an immediate success and Turkish troops tried to counter attack but failed since they would have sacraficed most of their Constantinople troops. America stated sending troops but none of them were able to make it by the End.Italian troops on turn 6 FINALLY(!!!!!) made it to constantinople thus Ending the Game!

  26. elrojo33 says:

    David, I really enjoyed the Storified telling of your game #2.
    You raised a good point about playing games to completion, it doesn’t happen very often. But I often have games that last more than just 6 turns. I have only played one “learning” game myself with a buddy (WW1 1914), but am looking forward to playing a full game.
    Regarding the playing pieces and tools; we used the National Production chart from Europe 1940, it’s large enough and very generic. We also used some after-market IPCs from Field Marshal Games and their national dice. I have plenty of extra pieces and we just threw them into the mix when needed, no big deal, but it would suck if this was your only A&A Box.

  27. Marcus says:

    Russia is hopeless. Every Russian piece was eliminated in 4 turns.
    If you get a win with the Allies in this version, you did great! It is heavily slanted to an Axis win. Playable, but looking forward to a second edition with more balanced initial setup.

  28. MisterQ says:

    Overall I seem to be hearing mixed reviews on this one.

    The premise and the game play look really, really cool. However, I am not crazy about the lack of chips or pieces in a game that, according to most folks, costs around $100. I understand the idea of wanting to make money, but at $100 I would think you would have sufficient pieces to play without having to cannibalize other A&A games. If that has to be done, so be it, but it does tend to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.

    I like Darren’s comment- Second edition, anyone? I am considering waiting until 2e, if there is one, before buying. But we’ll see. I may still get it, and regardless of my thoughts on it, it will be my fault, for better or for worse (LOL). I do think it is great that there are more games coming out that cover WWI. It has the feel of being “the forgotten war.”

  29. alexander says:

    great game. think it is my new favorite next to 1940 2E. I find that the allies win most of the time when I play this one.

    the chips and lack of pieces are not really a problem I just use the grey and red ones from the other A&As. the other pieces aren’t really a problem due the high casualty rate.

  30. Paul says:

    I have been play testing and I Take Venice every turn strong with A-H allies cant recover after that… italy is done A-h just needs to hold the line against russia with germany and CP can storm italy and france with A-h going through italy and germany through lorraine.

  31. Paul says:

    edit previous… every first turn.. with austria taking rome then north to france hence taking 2 allied power capitals.. rome and paris.

  32. YOYOJOE says:

    I couldn’t agree more about WW1 being the forgotten War. Most people have no clue what the battle of Jutland, the battle of the Somme is. And what makes me even more angry is that some people have absolutely NO idea that Adolf Hitler served in it, igniting the Second World War.

  33. arturo tourino says:

    I have 3 questions? 2 about strategy and the last one about rules…

    1. why dont you, as germany, attack britain fleet at yhe first turn? you can move All your ships and win easily

    2. as allies, first turn…rusia’s troops in sebastopol attacks south to otoman’s territory…

  34. arturo tourino says:

    2. if rusia attack otoman in mesoptamia and britain reinforce them, wins persia and activate arabia, otomans will be surrounded at the end of the first turn…what do you think?

  35. arturo tourino says:

    3. if rusia activates rumania, can those new troops attack or move inmediatly? the rule is not clear about that.

  36. Peter says:

    > Arturo tourino

    The British will have to commit in Africa and Asia early.
    Also they ahve to bring troops from Canada.
    There really is no need for an early German naval offensive.

    The German navy is a threat, if you use it up no more threat 8and wehn USA joins the German navy is way to small anyway). I tried building a german transport to theraten invasion from teh sea (UK & Russia). It did make tehm leave mor units at home.

    Turkey is weak. I feel that the Brittish over time will crush them alone. In fcat when I played Britan Russia did not have to cmmit any forces vs Turky- Russia is very vulnerable. I’d say the Russian reveolution optional rule is unbalanced/unecessary.

    Russia is bordering all central powers so they can really put pressure on Russia if the foucus on that front. If you play allies do react fast if they do so…

  37. Fernando says:

    How can you win With the Central Powers? We have played 5 times, and every time, when USA joins the war, we capitulate. Is there anyone who can help me With a good strategy?

  38. larson says:

    axis aficionados, i understand that you need to filter the comments. but no comments for for over a month and a half is not believable. this is a new game, and one that has stirred up quite a bit of interest in us old axis dogs. please do not over filter us. we do love you guys.

  39. Spellapeaka says:

    Just a little input for the Ottoman empire. They start out really weak. However, with a little luck and careful planning, they can get real strong in a hurry. Must, must, must! But transports on turn one. Use them to funnel troops toward the British base. And have to move on Russia early. Swoop on when austira Hungary is attacking and grab up 6 Ipc’s. If yoy can do it. Africa is yours for the taking. Works pretty well in my games. They are the sleeper threat in this game. By the time America is reaching France the Otts can be funneling massive amounts of troops onto Austria Hungary for support.

  40. Amon says:

    First time I played the allies easily won with the British sending about 75% of there troops to India to take on the Ottomans France (Me) spread its infantry in Africa around trying to take territories while avoiding battle. Belgium was contested for the entire of the game until the second to last turn and there were more losses there than the entire rest of the map. At the end the Russians had contested Poland with 8 tanks 8 fighters 5 infantry and 3 artillery the French and Germans were both more or less where they started the Italians had pushed half way through Austria-Hungary on luck alone the Ottomans had been completely eliminated except for a stack of about 20-30 infantry in Constantinople the Americans had done almost nothing the entire game with only a single battle and no losses. There were more Portuguese losses than American and Italian combined.

  41. larson says:

    we have played five games, with two being axis wins. Russian must fall in order for the axis to stay alive, but their defeat does not result in a sure victory. All players involved participated in all the games played, and are avid anniversary/global players. we caught on quick that all you really need are men…and a fighter or two. Most nations start with tons of artillery- and if you horde them, you should be able to keep them alive. Since you have to lose the men first, but always need to have one on a space with a unit, you are one lopsided battle from having 1 man and 10 artillery on a space. We figured out if you just buy men, you solve that issue, as you guarantee a steady supply of new blood every round. anything but 6+men a round to your front is just not enough…This tactic particularly annoys the British player, who then must send most of his buy to stymie the ottomans. Tanks make their appearance but we never have too many as the game always seems to be winding down around the 7th round. Also they aren’t as good of a buy a 2 men mathematically, because a tank may soak a hit(only on attack), but two men(which cost the same) get TWO rolls, AND defend at 3(vs. a tanks’ 1).

  42. zach says:

    any online versions?

  43. Massimiliano says:

    hi there
    here Milano, Italy.
    As Central Powers we immediately contested Belgium and Lorraine, just to avoid France to get points. Russia invaded. Venice contested. It is important ALL central powers fight against Russia so that turn 3 Russia only decide to defend Moscow. Albania shall be cancelled. Bulgaria activated. Sea units shall be used immediately. Also important is to have allied units on own territories or contested ones. Austria and Ottomans participated well on Rissia and against Albania. Ottomans did not invaded Persia to not open the door to UK indian forces. Ottoman empire will be then strong enough to conquer 2 areas in Russia. RUSSIA is goal no. 1. Round 4 french and UK forces will be so strong to invade Germany and Austria but sea units from Turkey and Austria will be then useful to invade Egypt.
    this is the result of second game, 11 rounds, Moscow and Paris in our hands.
    best regards

  44. Peter says:

    We figured Russia is obvioulsy understrenght at the start.

    Even with some additional units at start (not on the front but behind) the Central powers are in the driver seat until USA not only joins but are “on the way over”.

    The difefrent units co-operate smoothly and in an intersting way, out off frustration we tried massing planes/tanks/anythingh to try get an edge 🙂
    the losses are acatstrific in big battles, a very true WW1 feeling.
    It is not mobile but very much WW1- well done!

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