2013 Guide to Axis & Allies Events and Conventions Part 2

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Axis & Allies Game Play Area with a Casual Game of Battle of the

After publishing the the 2013 Guide to Events, we received a few comments about other events that feature Axis & Allies games. Here’s a few more events that may be closer to you. If you would like your favorite gaming convention featured here, please leave a tip in the comments or use the contact form. Be sure to include details about what Axis & Allies games are played at the event.

Stategicon – February, May, September

The Strategicon events (Orccon, Gamex, Gateway) are held every year, three times a year over major US three day weekend: President’s Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend.

  • Where: Los Angeles, CA
  • When: February 15 – 18, May 24 – 27, August 30 – September 2, 2013
  • Details: Strategicon Website
  • Cost: $60 for a full passs, $30/day for Saturday and Sunday, $15/day for Friday and Monday.

Luke H describes the event as follows:

Strategicon is run 3 times a year (President’s day weekend, Memorial day weekend, and Labor day weekend) and has an A&A tourney (1940 second edition) all day Saturday starting around 9am (rounds played on Europe or Pacific solo board) and the final on Sunday (full on global) every con run by the most awesome Al Gaines. We typically have 15-20 people show up, but would love to expand and have more. In addition to the formal tourney, there are always at least one or two casual games being played of any edition that people want at any given time. There is also talk about having a second tourney with one of the quicker versions on Sunday for the unfortunate folks who were knocked out on Saturday, but still need to judge interest in that. If you have trouble finding us, ask the board game headquarters desk and they will gladly point you in the right direction. Cost of attendance is $30 for one day, $50 for one con, or $110 for all 3 cons (12 days for 110 bucks is quite the deal if you love board games) and the prices are also discounted ($45/$100) if you are part of a local gaming group. Come join us and have fun.

KantCon – July

Although this event has passed this year, this information may be useful for planning your gaming convention excursions in 2014.

Jon Hershberger describes KantCon as follows:

KantCon is held every year in July and is a small but growing gathering of Midwestern gamers. Attendance this year could reach 150. AND there is an all day A&A Classics game on the schedule already.

Board games and miniatures games are VERY welcome at Kant Con.

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